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19:00 Thursday 7th July 2022

Bonnie Tsui – Why We Swim

Bonnie Tsui is a swimmer, surfer and author of ‘Why We Swim’, hailing from the cold waters of the San Francisco Bay area.

Bonnie's storytelling explores swimming around the globe from five angles: survival, wellbeing, community, competition and flow to celebrate and discover, why we swim.

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19:00 Wednesday 13th July 2022

Lucas Beaufort + Finisterre An Artist Collaboration.

Ahead of our forthcoming collaboration with visionary French artist Lucas Beaufort, join us for an evening of art, counter culture, live Q+A, live music and a few cold ones.

A self-described dreamer, living in a world surrounded by beautiful monsters, Lucas' artwork explores connections, mirroring his own affinity for connecting with the world and people around him.

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If you missed the live sessions you can practice in your own time with Charlottes Yoga catch up.

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Join an exclusive breath hold workshop with Finisterre ambassador, Hanli Prinsloo.

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Join the Hell or High Water podcast for our conversation with Bella Kenworthy, one of the world record breaking four-woman team who rowed non-stop from San Francisco to Hawaii.

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Despite the irrefutable right of everyone to experience the wonder of the outdoors, cultural barriers still exist...