The Finisterre Foundation Wetsuit Project

Adapting any wetsuit, from any brand, for any age and ability.

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Over our first ever Blue Friday weekend, we raised an incredible £14,120 for the Finisterre Foundation Wetsuit Project, to adapt wetsuits for those who face barriers in accessing the sea. Thank You. 

A connection to the sea can bring untold mental and physical health benefits, but for some there are barriers to accessing those benefits. The Wetsuit Project has smashed its funding target, meaning we can immediately begin adapting wetsuits to get people in the water.

“I don’t think anyone finds wetsuits a party to get in and out of, but for me it was a bit more of a struggle! Adding more mobility and wider entry points for my wrists and ankles, made a huge difference to getting ready, meaning I get to spend more time enjoying the freedom the sea gives me.”

- Andrew Birkett

Apply for a Wetsuit Adaption

Championing equal access to the ocean for all, the Finisterre Foundation aims to break down barriers for anyone who wishes to enjoy the water. The Wetsuit Project is as an evergreen initiative that supports our diverse community of ocean lovers.

Wetsuit Project Application Policy

If you’re interested in getting a suit adapted for yourself or someone else, please apply through the link below.