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Impact Reports

The ocean’s future is our future. That is why Finisterre exists - to inspire a love of the sea and to protect it together.

2021 Impact Report

2021 Impact Report

We look back at our impact in 2021, goals for the future and how we will achieve them.

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2020 Impact Report

2020 Impact Report

Our very first Impact Report

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We increased our
B Corp™ score by 15%

We re-certified as a B Corp

First time round, we just made it over the finish line of 80 points. But after much work behind the scenes we’re incredibly proud to announce we’ve recertified with a score of 93.2 out of 250.

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Fit-for-purpose product made with the best available practices and technologies

Lived & Loved


Lived & Loved

Take Back


The Finisterre Biosmock


We want to improve ocean health through the business decisions we make


Mapping Our Full Carbon Footprint


Project Seagrass: Underwater Update #1


Yulex® Natural Rubber

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We’re using our brand platform to inspire, mobilise and affect positive change

Transparent Supply Chain

Factories of Finisterre

Equal Access To The Ocean

Finisterre Foundation

Ocean Activism