Angela Duckworth

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Jane Golden is a Philadelphia-based arts activist who has directed the Mural Arts Program for more than three decades. Despite suffering from chronic pain, she still works tirelessly—often seven days a week—to help local artists create new murals around her city. Duckworth cites Golden to illustrate how people with grit merge their interests with a greater sense of purpose.
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Jane Golden Character Timeline in Grit

The timeline below shows where the character Jane Golden appears in Grit. The colored dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.
Chapter 6: Interest
Passion, Perseverance, and Success Theme Icon
High-grit people tend to change careers fewer times. For instance, Jane Golden has directed Philadelphia’s Mural Arts Program for over 30 years. While many people get bored... (full context)
Chapter 8: Purpose
Passion, Perseverance, and Success Theme Icon
Developing Grit Theme Icon
...their work benefits other people. For instance, after recovering from lupus in her twenties, artist Jane Golden moved home to Philadelphia to work on the Mural Arts Program. Thirty years later, she... (full context)