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Jeff Bezos is the founder and CEO of In childhood and adolescence, Bezos spent his free time inventing gadgets and contraptions, and his mother supported him. Duckworth uses Bezos as an example of how young people who get to autonomously play with their interests in a supportive environment are more likely to form deep interests and develop grit as adults.

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Chapter 12: A Culture of Grit Quotes

If each person’s grit enhances grit in others, then, over time, you might expect what social scientist Jim Flynn calls a “social multiplier” effect. In a sense, it’s the motivational analogue of the infinity cube of self-reflecting mirrors Jeff Bezos built as a boy—one person’s grit enhances the grit of the others, which in turn inspires more grit in that person, and so on, without end.

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Chapter 6: Interest
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At college graduation ceremonies, speakers like Will Shortz and Jeff Bezos often say things like, “follow your passion,” as do the high-grit people Duckworth has interviewed.... (full context)
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...the commencement speakers she mentioned, New York Times crossword editor Will Shortz and Amazon founder Jeff Bezos . Shortz’s mother, a writer who loved crosswords, bought him endless puzzle books and taught... (full context)