Angela Duckworth

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Duckworth defines grit as the combination of passion, or a steady commitment to specific long-term goals, and perseverance, or resilience and hard work. read analysis of Grit

Grit Scale

The Grit Scale is a 10-item questionnaire that Duckworth developed to measure grit. It asks respondents to rate whether they agree with statements like “I am a hard worker.” read analysis of Grit Scale

MacArthur “Genius Grant”

MacArthur Fellowships, commonly known as “Genius Grants,” are yearly $625,000 prizes given to around 20 to 30 distinguished researchers, artists, or thinkers in any field. Angela Duckworth and Ta-Nehisi Coates have both received “Genius Grants.” read analysis of MacArthur “Genius Grant”

Beast Barracks

Beast Barracks is a grueling six-week summer training program for new cadets at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point. read analysis of Beast Barracks

Deliberate Practice

Deliberate practice is a specific, highly effective, multi-step technique for training skills. The steps in deliberate practice are: identify one’s weaknesses, set firm stretch goals to improve them, practice with full effort and concentration, gather… read analysis of Deliberate Practice
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Flow is the state of automatic concentration and complete immersion that people sometimes experience when performing activities that they have mastered. read analysis of Flow

Growth Mindset

According to psychologist Carol Dweck, a growth mindset is the assumption that intelligence and abilities can grow over time. People with growth mindsets tend to have more grit and achieve greater success over time… read analysis of Growth Mindset