The Battle of the Nap

One of my favourite parent bloggers has to be Dawn at Rhyming with Wine. I think it is SO clever how she writes all of her blog posts in rhyme and they have made me both laugh hysterically and cry. She’s a beautiful writer and I often read her posts aloud to B because they’re just so fabulous! (She’s also blooming lovely!) When she started her guest post series, Cheers!, I knew I had to try and write a rhyme so I could get in on the action. I’ve mentioned before that I write a lot of poetry but I’ve only recently started sharing it and it never usually rhymes. I was quite pleased that I managed to knock something up for Dawn’s blog. Without further ado…

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Babies, biscuits and books: #5

Oops, this should have been posted last Tuesday! But as I’ve said I have been taking a step back from blogging a little recently and so I fell behind with my self-imposed book schedule. We are loving the library now; TM adores pulling all the books off the shelf and banging the little bookcases. On a rainy day we sometimes just go in for him to have a bit of a crawl about and for a change of scenery. These books are all from the library and are relatively age appropriate! He seems to be loving books more and more now; when he’s a bit grumpy we often sit together and look at books which really calms him down. He enjoys exploring the textures in the touch & feel books now.  Continue reading

Motherhood and creativity

I appear to be in a bit of a rut currently and I haven’t been writing much – which is quite unusual for me! I wrote a post a few months back for one of my favourite bloggers, Lucy at Occupation: (m)other, as part of her Creative Mothers series. In lieu of writing anything new and in the hope that it reignites my creative flame I thought I’d share the post on here. PLEASE check out the rest of the series as I am in seriously good company and there are some fantastic posts from amazing creative mums! The original post can be found on Lucy’s siteContinue reading

Sun, stings and sleep deprivation

Last week we had a gorgeous 5 days away with my family. This was our fifth year (I think) of all going away together, usually camping. I’ve said before how amazing my family are and how much we enjoy our time together. It’s such a brilliant opportunity to spend time together without anyone having to invite 18 people over and cooking for them. We went to a lovely campsite not far from home which has beautiful fishing lakes and is near the coast. It’s great as they never overbook and as we went Sunday-Friday, leaving before the bank holiday weekend, it was quite quiet while we were there. We were in a big field at the furthest point of the campsite and we shared it with only two other caravans!  Continue reading


I have been fairly quiet on the blog recently and next week I am on holiday, so I just wanted to write a little post before I disappear offline. This is actually the first time I have shared one of my poems on the blog, although I did have one published online when I participated in Occupation: (m)other’s Creative Mothers series a few months back. I write poetry all the time but I think most of it is probably crap. This isn’t necessarily my finest writing but I think the sentiment comes through. I wrote this after an afternoon full of giggles with my boy and after reading my gorgeous friend Lucy’s lovely post about laughter (two links to her blog in one opening paragraph, I really must be her biggest fan..!) Continue reading

Babies, biscuits and books: #4

Oooh I can’t believe I am onto the fourth instalment in our book series! How time flies. I have been pretty quiet on the blog in recent weeks just because real life has taken over a bit! It seems a crime to sit indoors blogging when it’s sunny so we’ve been out walking and seeing friends a lot. I think the older TM gets the less I’m going to be able to blog as he is seriously unimpressed if I go on the laptop while he’s awake!  Continue reading