Confessions from the mother of a night owl

I’ve mouthed off about sleeping before and now I am going to confess something. Please don’t judge me, but my baby doesn’t usually ‘go to bed’ until 11pm…at the earliest. I know, I know, I’m a terrible mother and you might want to bombard me with information about routines and things to aid sleep or maybe even suggest sleep training. But none of the gentle techniques seem to work! I think the main problem is that my husband works evenings as he runs a pub, so we don’t both go to bed until he is home – usually some time between 11.30 and 1.30, depending on the night. Continue reading


5 things I wasn’t a ‘natural’ at

People always talk about how parenting is instinctual, and you just know how to do things when you’re the one responsible for a mini person. However, I think there are some things that are not innate skills, and they don’t necessarily come easily! Here’s 5 things I wasn’t a ‘natural’ at:

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I’ve recently been treated to my baby boy’s first proper laugh and it’s safe to say that my heart has melted! It does sound a bit like a cough, but I’ve definitely heard other babies laugh like that so I’m still counting it!

Laughing together is the trade-off for never going anywhere alone, the endless loads of laundry, the poo under my fingernails, the sick all over my clothes, the wee up the wall and the 3am walks around the house wondering why he’s awake.
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Pancakes and puke

Well, happy pancake day! Just a short one from me as my little man has got his first cold, which has led to a terrible cycle of constant cuddles-constant feeding-puking everywhere. I’ve had to change both of our outfits about three times, he’s managed to get the sofa, carpet and walls with his vomit (pretty impressive for such a small human). Luckily my lovely husband made me some pancakes before he went to work so I just had to reheat them, they have definitely got me through a long old day!

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Let’s not talk about sleep

When the fuck did everyone start to get so opinionated about sleep?! It seems to be the first thing everybody asks me; ‘How is his sleep? Are you in a routine?’ The honest answer is; he sleeps. Sometimes a lot at night, sometimes not so much. A routine is something I intend to implement at some stage but it’s pretty pointless now as I tend to just let him sleep when he is tired.

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