I noticed on social media that a lot of people were using #Mumlife to describe funny, bizarre and embarrassing moments that happened because of their motherhood status! Here are the moments that have made me realise I am embracing the Mumlife in these early days:

  1. Getting out the bath with just one leg shaved because the baby needs feeding
  2. Cutting food into tiny pieces so you can eat one-handed because you know, without fail, the baby wants you as soon as your food is ready
  3. A feeling of utter devastation when you realise the remote control isn’t within reach while you are breastfeeding
  4. Feeling like you are playing Russian roulette by trying to paint your nails when you’re home alone with the baby
  5. Realising you’ve only spoken in an unnaturally cheerful, high voice for a good few hours
  6. Having an internal debate, every day, between having a nap while the baby naps or trying to clean the house/read a book/generally do anything without holding a tiny human
  7. Wondering if you are a terrible person for going to the loo with the baby in a sling
  8. Wishing they didn’t make pushchairs so damn complicated to fold up
  9. Becoming an expert at preventing wee going all over the room, and you (although somehow the little monster catches you out sometimes)
  10. Looking at the small patch of baby sick on your cardi and wondering if you really have to change it, or if you can get away with just using a baby wipe
  11. Feeling like a hero when you get out of the house before 11am, then realising you have your jumper inside out and have forgotten your purse
  12. Popping into town for something and wondering if you can actually get your cumbersome pram around the shop; most of the time walking past the shops in question, deciding that online shopping is the only way
  13. Becoming the queen of the pavement; people move out of your way, hold doors open for you and sometimes they even SMILE
  14. Hoping your relatives don’t notice as milk sprays their furniture when your baby unexpectedly pulls off
  15. Getting accustomed to everyone seeing your boobs, and eventually not finding it embarrassing anymore


Holding this little hand is the best feeling in the world!
Life Love and Dirty Dishes
Life, Love and Dirty Dishes

49 thoughts on “#Mumlife

  1. Welcome to the world of blogging it would appear you’re a natural. I have to agree with every one. Especially the one about getting out of the house before 11am, #mumwin there’s a new one for you 😉

    Enjoy your new little venture I look forward to seeing more from you. Gem x


  2. This list is so true!! I remember those newborn days all too well. It does get a bit easier. They fall into a feeding routine naturally, eventually can sit up and amuse themselves with toys for a bit longer, or sit in a highchair with you at the dinner table. Just hang in there!! Great post, looking forward to reading more 🙂 #coolmumclub


  3. Oh man, I’ve definitely had the “Oh no I can reach the remote/phone’ moment” while breastfeeding. I also don’t care about getting my boobs out anymore – no one seems to really be bothered about it anyway. My big #mumlife issue? Leaving the house without refastening my nursing bra. Regularly. #coolmumclub


  4. Excellent! Numbers 2, 3 and 4 had me nodding frantically. Totally agree with them all. To add to the leg shaving issues may I please add “going swimming on holiday and realising that you haven’t shaved your legs for aprox 3 months and you are strutting about the pool area looking like a yeti. ” along with “using offspring to hide said very furry legs behind in a public swimming area”

    Love your post. Looking forward to reading more from you.

    Dawn x


  5. Ahh, what a gorgeous picture at the end! Loved this, I remember those early days. Impressed you manage to get one leg shaved to be honest, I couldn’t cope with that on top of everything else when daughter was tiny! I also remember the devastation of leaving the remote/my phone out of reach and having the baby fall asleep on me … and I couldn’t move lest I woke her up so just sat there slowly withering away with boredom! x



  6. Completely agree with this list. Adding to the remote control one – sleeping baby on you, remote control out of reach, and Cbeebies is stuck on until baby wakes up. Keep going, you’re doing great. Claire x

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  8. Loved the beautiful photo at the end! This is such a wonderful post, and so true. I have an internal debate with myself EVERY time my son takes a nap. I have a list of so many things that need to get done, but napping would be great haha. Oh, the struggle! Thanks for sharing ❤ #StayClassy

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  9. This is brilliant. I agree with every single point on this list. Had to laugh at the don’t care about the boobs out! I don’t have to wear those weird capes or breastfeeding shirts anymore. The debate about the sleep is also a daily occurrence for me UGH! Thanks for linking up with #StayClassy!

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