Pancakes and puke

Well, happy pancake day! Just a short one from me as my little man has got his first cold, which has led to a terrible cycle of constant cuddles-constant feeding-puking everywhere. I’ve had to change both of our outfits about three times, he’s managed to get the sofa, carpet and walls with his vomit (pretty impressive for such a small human). Luckily my lovely husband made me some pancakes before he went to work so I just had to reheat them, they have definitely got me through a long old day!

We decided not to go to our baby group today as I didn’t want to be responsible for infecting all the other kids and have a handful of fed-up mums cursing me! It does mean my cabin fever has peaked as we usually get out at least once a day but I didn’t fancy having a pushchair covered in sick. I have achieved something today though; I’ve eaten all of the chocolate in the house.

B has just come home to find us both in our underwear, surrounded by a pile of clothes and towels covered in sick. I have passed the baby over pretty sharpish! This is the pile of washing created since he went to work. Oh, and to top it all off our tumble dryer is broken!


Somebody pass me the vodka.


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