A mini break with a mini man

We recently had our first weekend away since having TM. We’d stayed with family over Christmas but we were actually going a few hours from home to somewhere new; a scary prospect! It was B’s parents 40th wedding anniversary so the whole family were staying in a big country house near the coast, with it’s own pool.

Picture the scene. We had the car packed, I had just fed the monster and we were ready to go. As I picked up the car seat to leave the house I heard the unmistakeable sound of a giant poo. We sighed, and I took him out of the seat. Sadly, this poo had not been contained by the nappy. Shit went onto the sleeve of my beautiful brand new white top. As we tried to quickly change our baby, he decided to also throw up everywhere. By this point we just had to laugh and be grateful that this hadn’t occurred actually IN the car, because that would have been a different ballgame altogether. I quickly texted our niece to tell them we were going to be even later than planned…and we were finally off!

I was a bit nervous about the car journey but me and TM slept the entire two and a half hours there. I think B was secretly pleased as he actually got some peace. Upon arrival there were plenty of comments about the amount of crap we had brought with us as it took three family members to unload!

It was a lovely weekend and great to spend some quality time with the family. It was a bit different than previous weekends away; the clothes I took with me were chosen based on how easy feeding would be, we weren’t the ones cracking out the bottles of tequila and although we were still the last ones to bed it was because we were trying to get our nocturnal bubba to sleep rather than being the party animals of the clan! We had a little walk around the seaside town and instead of being attracted by the cocktail bars and craft beer pubs we looked for ‘family friendly’ signs and places we could take the pushchair. I think the biggest treat was having a bath, on my own, with a bottle of beer and a book!

We did take TM swimming for the first time. It wasn’t a very warm pool so the first time he wasn’t at all sure, not helped by the fact that one of his cousins splashed him in the face almost as soon as he got in! He seemed to enjoy it the second time though and I’m sure once we take him to a warmer pool he will love it.

We came to the end of the weekend and had everything ready to go. The gremlin was strapped into his car seat and we were hugging B’s parents and nan goodbye…when he decided to throw up. IN THE CAR. What a disaster. Luckily the keysafe thing at the house didn’t work so we could get back into the house to commence the clean-up operation. Ah well, he did sleep the whole way home (as did I).

Unsure in the pool!


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5 thoughts on “A mini break with a mini man

  1. What a lovely weekend away! It does take so much more effort and organising to get away with a little one, but its well worth it, and special in a whole different way. Hopefully this is the first of many adventures away with your little one 🙂 Thanks for linking up to #MarvMondays. Emily


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