10 signs of a great ‘mum’ friend

We’ve all got them, and a ‘mum’ friend is invaluable. Here’s a list of some of the stuff that can only happen with a mum friend and signs that you have a real keeper!

  1. You openly discuss bodily functions – yours and the baby’s

  1. You end up with nursery rhymes on repeat, even after the babies are asleep
  1. Your babies smiling at each other makes you both coo loudly and become teary and gleeful
  1. Being late to meet each other or changing the meeting place because one of you had a nappy emergency/hangry baby is standard
Standard text message exchange!
  1. You see each other’s boobs a lot
  1. Your children are sick all over your friend’s house but you know it’s only a matter of time before the situation is reversed, so you don’t feel too bad
  1. When you’re out and one of you goes to the loo, the other bounces two babies on their knees like a boss
  1. You’re always letting each other know about offers on nappies, good groups to go to and cute baby clothes
  1. You can tune out the babies crying to carry on a conversation (while comforting them, obviously – you’re not entirely heartless!)
  1. You think it’s entirely socially acceptable to open wine at 1pm after a baby group
Just the usual post-baby group supplies
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28 thoughts on “10 signs of a great ‘mum’ friend

  1. I read this knowing exactly who I met and bonded with over my first maternity leave! Firm friends ever since…and yes we did once open a bottle of prosecco on a Wednesday afternoon, on a sunny day in her garden. Thanks for linking up to #coolmumclub

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    1. Oh bless you! It’s just luck isn’t it? I don’t have many- two I went to school with and one is the girlfriend of a guy I worked with, we were pregnant at the same time and didn’t know any other pregnant people, luckily we just clicked straight away! It helps she only lives a 10 minute walk away from me too. I’m sure you will find some my lovely. Ellen


  2. Love this. My little boy projectile vomitted all over my best friends living room and she didn’t blink an eye, just helped me clean it up and gave my little boy a cuddle. True friendship right there 🙂 #coolmumclub

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    1. I know I am trying to make new mum friends at the groups we go to and I feel like the best way to do that is to ask who wants to go for a beer, that will soon show me who is my type of person haha! I don’t actually have the guts though, don’t fancy being known as the resident wino! Thanks for reading. Ellen


  3. Haha this made me laugh because it’s so true! I’m the first out of my friend group to have a baby so I didn’t have many Mum friends besides my sisters in the beginning. But now I have made a few Mum friends from birthing classes,etc and I realised how important it is to have them! They can totally understand everything you’re going through and give you advice and not be bothered when you have to cancel last minute because the baby is having a meltdown. I especially like number 4 on your list because this has happened to me so many times! Haha! Thanks for linking up with #stayclassy

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  4. Hold on…I thought I had some great mum friends, but clearly not as I haven’t got one who brings wine at 1pm after a baby group. I need to meet this friend! #StayClassy


    1. It is hard, my mum friends were all people I already knew (one from pregnancy but the others from school) and I haven’t really made any new ones yet! I have nice chats to people at groups but never sure how to progress to the next stage. Thanks for reading, Ellen

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      1. Yeah I have the same problem, it is difficult isn’t it? I have one friend from work who had a baby at the same time but she’s already got a group of mum friends from nct and doesn’t live close enough to easily see regularly as I don’t drive. We’ll get there I’m sure!

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  5. Nail on the head! I’m blessed with several of these beautiful friendships and they really are worth their weight in breast milk! 😉 It’s brilliant to have friends that understand everything about the being of a mum to share the highs and the lows, the poos and the giggles. Thanks so much for linking up with us. #bigpinklink

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  6. Oh these are SO true! True mummy friends are the best, and I nodded along to each of your points with a few friend’s in mind. Great post, thanks for sharing on #TheBabyFormula

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