A blogging ‘tribe’

Recently the gorgeous Katie at Mummy in a Tutu posted about wanting a blogging ‘tribe‘ and there was a group of us who were quick to jump on the bandwagon! We will be having Twitter chats so if anyone wants to join Katie’s the one in the know. Although we are calling ourselves a tribe this is mainly in jest; we really just want to meet new people and get to know other bloggers better – everyone is welcome! For now we are writing a little bit about ourselves to get the ball rolling.

Name: Ellen



Age: 26


Children – One baby boy (for now!)


I started blogging about my life as a new mum mainly because I’m always writing things down and I was loving reading other parenting blogs; it seemed logical to start my own! I don’t have any particularly big ambitions for it at this stage – really I am writing for me and if anybody else enjoys it that’s a huge bonus.


My baby boy, TM, was born last November and is an absolute joy! In general, he’s pretty chilled for a baby, but he does love a late night and being cuddled most of the time. My sling has been a lifesaver.


I was working in my partner’s pub before maternity leave and loved how sociable and fun the job was. I am a professional chatterbox so it suited me down to the ground. Being publicans we love a drink and we both have big families so food and drink is a huge part of our social life!


I have a sociology degree and will waffle on about feminism and gender theories given have the chance. I adore reading, almost anything and everything! I love listening to music from the Spice Girls to the Beatles to Notorious BIG – and yes I played all of those to TM when he was in the womb!!


I have two sisters and a brother and (along with my parents and husband) they are my best friends. I’d love a big family of my own.


I can’t resist novelty accessories – particularly sunglasses. Here I am with my burger glasses on!
I love a novelty accessory.
Can’t wait to chat to the rest of the tribe!
MummyinaTutu #Tribal chat

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