Avoiding cabin fever

I have never been a ‘hobbies’ person. When people ask what my hobbies and interests are I either make something up or confess; reading, drinking, going to the pub, playing board games. Not exactly a list of exciting or unusual pasttimes, and certainly no skills or sports! Even when I was little I would start a club and after a few weeks decide that I didn’t want to go any more. I had so many conversations with my Mum; ‘Mum, I don’t want to go to Brownies again.’ ‘Why? I thought you liked Brownies.’ ‘I do, but not every Tuesday.’ Something about the routine never appealed to me.

Since having a baby, though, I’ve got a newfound appreciation of groups and clubs. I think it’s really important to get out the house and actually do something, to see new things and people. Some days the thought of going out seems terrible; the list of potential disasters (usually involving bodily fluids and/or crying) seems overwhelming and I wonder if it’s such a good idea. But, almost every time, once we’re actually out I love whatever it is we’re doing and feel glad that we left the house. If you hadn’t worked it out by now it’s safe to say I’m pretty lazy, so a day staying at home with books, television and toys is fine with me, but I certainly couldn’t do it every day. I think we both appreciate seeing something other than our living room, playing with new toys and (for me) having adult company.

There’s obviously a load of activities targeted at babies, particularly if you want to pay for them, but I’ve found our local children’s centres fantastic. They run free drop-in play groups, groups for baby sensory play or singing, workshops you can sign up to for information about various aspects of parenting and courses on baby massage. We try to go to a couple of things a week although it depends on what else is going on.

We just started baby massage which was brilliant; he did poo through his vest and onto his towel (thankfully we had to provide our own towel, I wouldn’t have fancied that conversation) halfway through so one of his legs got a great massage. He’s finally starting to nap a lot less during the day so he is usually awake when we go to things now; some of the first drop in groups we went to were fairly pointless as he slept through half of them! At least I got to speak to the parents; meeting other mums and dads who are in the same situation as me is reassuring and definitely helps keep me sane!

If we stay at home too long I resort to rubbish selfies…

Even if we don’t go to a group we will usually go for a walk. I live near a brilliant park so most days we’ll walk up there and have a stroll round. This is definitely more for me; TM usually sleeps in his pram/sling for most of it! Getting the fresh air, stretching my legs and changing the landscape of 4 walls makes me feel much better, breaks the day up and usually significantly improves my mood. He’s not really old enough to appreciate going out and doing lots of different things but I think they are really good habits to get into now that we can keep up as he gets older and socialising becomes more important.

The only downside to getting out is the fact that B works evenings, so when we are out all day we hardly see him. It does mean our stay-home days are nicer though as we are all together and I don’t go quite so stir crazy!

I’d love to know what everybody’s favourite things to do are. Are you homebodies or do you like to get out and about?


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21 thoughts on “Avoiding cabin fever

  1. I’m a group gal, volunteered as a Brownie Leader for 10 years. I quit last summer though to have my baby. We go to groups, but mostly we walk, everywhere and anywhere! It’s been my weight loss saviour, or at least allows me to eat anything and everything!

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    1. Oh that’s cool! One of my best friends used to be a brownie leader – she can’t cope with the fact that I don’t like ‘organised fun’ haha. I love going out for walks too- and yes it definitely makes me feel better about the amount of cake I eat! Thanks for reading, Ellen

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      1. Ha, I like organised fun, but it isn’t for everyone! I tried to get my partner to volunteer at the local carnival, he went along to the first meeting and was completely ignored. He is not a fan either!! #FamilyFun

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  2. I was a massive joiner of baby groups!! To the point where my mum told me I needed to slow down as she thought I was wearing myself out going to them! In my job, I had been out all day, in and out of the car, going to lots of different places, always out and about. The shock of being in for extended periods made me really anxious, and the groups alleviated that! I’m sure that even the shortest of walks can improve your mood! And I don’t think you need anymore hobbies-reading, drinking and the pub are good enough!! Thanks for sharing with #bigpinklink

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    1. Haha bless you! I know, at one point I was going to try and go to loads and then realised I actually wanted to spend time at home with TM cuddling and reading books and all of that! Also I don’t really like driving so I prefer going to groups I can walk to and there aren’t so many.
      Thanks for reading and for having me at the #bigpinklink again! Ellen


  3. Like you I never liked the routine of clubs when I was younger. However, I also managed to get a lot out of clubs when my boys were little. We loved baby sensory, definitely the best thing we went too. #bloggerclubuk

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  4. It always depends on the weather with us. I hate wind…so if it’s cold and windy then inside we are but on nice days we walk to the park or have a picnic outside. I’m looking forward to spring coming. I am visiting from #BloggerClubUK.

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  5. When mine were little I took them to lots of groups too. We went to 2 Expat toddler groups, a music group and baby swimming.I found it a great way to meet people and to socialise baby too but unfortunately for me the Expat world changes and most of my friends have moved on. My favourite was the baby swimming. TY for linking up with #FamilyFun 🌸

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    1. Thanks for having me! Oh that must be hard with everybody moving on often. I need to take him swimming again we only went one weekend on a family trip away, the pool was a bit chilly though so need to go to the warm baby pool! Thanks for reading, Ellen


    1. Love #tribalchat hon! I am so rubbish at finding the time for blog stuff though, not sure how everybody does it – do they never sleep?!

      Yes we need to go swimming again, we took him when we went away with the family but the pool wasn’t that warm, will have to take him to a baby pool I think. Thanks for reading! Ellen


  6. Baby groups, classes and little walks and trips to the park were definitely crucial in those early days and months. Its definitely as much for you as it is for them I found! It sounds like you are doing lots of lovely little things together which will be even better once the weather gets a bit warmer and brighter 🙂 Thanks for linking up to #MarvMondays. Emily

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  7. Getting out of the house is so important to prevent mums feeling lonely or isolated. I struggled with PND and baby groups and long walks were a Godsend. I still take my almost-3 year old to classes now too. Thanks for sharing 🙂 #familyfun

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  8. It’s good to get out of the house with babies! I too get cabin fever after a few days of not going anywhere. I bought a double buggy when my second was born & I was so grateful for it! I don’t know how we would have gone anywhere without it! Thanks so much for linking up with us at #bloggerclubuk

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