7 worst things about being ill as a mum

I have recently had the displeasure of being ill while looking after the baby. The first illness was a stomach bug and luckily my husband was able to take the night off work, otherwise it would have been truly horrendous. Next time round was just a rotten cold and sadly I had to battle through that one alone! It wasn’t serious enough for B to take time off work but I felt pretty rubbish. So, in true pity-party fashion, I’ve made a list of the worst things about being ill while looking after a baby:

  1. You can’t really switch off or relax. I think normally when you are at home with a bad cold you just sink in and out of sleep, occasionally making yourself tea or soup. This isn’t really an option when you have to keep an ear out for/eye on a baby! Sleeping is always on their terms.
  1. Duvet days aren’t so great when you are responsible for a small child. You know the ones, back in the day, where you took the duvet to the sofa and watched multiple films while surrounded by tissues? It doesn’t work like that anymore. You have a baby poking your face, needing entertainment or feeding or changing.

    This is not me. My ‘ill’ look consists of greasy hair, dribble stains and no makeup.
  1. Changing a nappy with a stomach bug is generally not advised and if you’ve got a cold you can’t smell when they’ve pooed, which is inconvenient (and increases the likelihood of explosions)!
  1. You can guarantee that when you want an early night the baby will decide to stay up late.
  1. Crying does not help a headache. In fact, it definitely makes headaches dramatically worse. There you are, just wishing you could get an uninterrupted night’s sleep followed by a day of doing nothing, and there’s a baby screaming his head off in your ear, for no apparent reason.
  1. You can guarantee that just when you’ve got the baby to sleep you will sneeze really loudly and wake him up. This happens to me regularly.
  1. As I’m breastfeeding I have to be careful what medications I take. No dosing myself up on Nightnurse and passing out, sadly.

    Most of these things are not recommended for breastfeeding mothers. Sad times.


I have to confess that I was pretty glad my sense of smell was absent the other day when I was faced with the most insane poo I have ever seen. I’m fairly sure the smell must have been horrific but I was blissfully unaware. I’ve finished feeling sorry for myself now. What else would you add to my list?!

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27 thoughts on “7 worst things about being ill as a mum

  1. Mother has been ill this weekend and has been complaining that she can’t be ill now she’s got me. I’ve done my best to be sensitive to her needs 😉

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  2. Oh dear! I really hope you get better soon. Babies and children are just not sensitive enough to parents needs,I mean mummy’s needs because daddy always gets to have a nap and privileged treatment when he is ill!!!! That’s probably my fault though 😉

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  3. Yes, being ill with a baby ranks pretty high on my list of Suckiest Things To Happen To A Mummy list!! Before children, I used to work really long hours, and get really stressed, and really tired. Sometimes if I was ill enough to have to stay at home, I would relish being ill! Staying in bed, dozing on and off, watching favourite box sets… Now it’s about clawing your way through a day, crossing your fingers you don’t die, until help arrives!!
    You’ve put together a very comprehensive list there! Thanks for sharing with #bigpinklink!

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  4. Hope you get better soon – being ill with a little one around is so tough. I am quite thankful that my two are now at the stage where CBeebies will distract them for a reasonable chunk of time so I can lie on the sofa and feel sorry for myself for a little while. I think you’ve covered most of the rubbish things about being ill when you have a child in your list. Glad not being able to smell the poo was one small silver lining though!

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  5. Your list made me laugh a little bit – sorry! I think your immunity takes a bit of a hit too – I was certainly more ill in my baby’s first year than I normally am- which makes it worse. Hope you’re recovered now x

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    1. Don’t apologise – most of my posts are designed to be at least a little bit amusing!! That’s interesting, I definitely seem to have caught things more easily than usual. I’m fine now, thank you. Thanks for reading, Ellen


  6. I feel for you. If you are still breast feeding I’m guessing that your little one really is too young to give you a bit of slack. Duvet days will be yours again one day I promise, just not for a while.

    I hope you feel better soon and that your little one doesn’t get sick too.


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  7. This comes at a timely moment as I am full of cold. Am was nodding my head through this as I recognise all the points. But thank goodness my boys are tweens now so I can rely on the computer babysitter and have a nice lie in, Well a blog in bed. TY for linking up with #FamilyFun 🌸

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  8. Oh I feel your pain. I’m a stay at home mum of three & when I get sick there is no rest at all! I remember breastfeeding when I was sick too & you can’t take any of the good stuff! I hope you are feeling back to yourself now. Thanks so much for linking up with us! #bloggerclubuk

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  9. Being ill with a child in tow is the worst! Last time I fell ill it hit hard and fast, I was fine in the morning when I waved husb off to work, throwing up 2 hours later with a small child trying to see what I was doing, nice. Mumma, what doing? Mumma, want see!! Muuummmmy driiink now pease. I ended up phoning my mum in tears begging them to come and take the child, hurrah for grandparents living nearby!

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  10. Agree with all these esp not being able to just curl up on the sofa without being prodded and grabbed at, or interrupted by smelly nappies. The last time I was really poorly was with an evil migraine, and my 5yo was actually really helpful entertaining her little brother and helping daddy (who is generally a bit useless when mummy’s ill). Great post x #thebabyformula

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  11. I wrote a similar piece the week before last as I was ill and hubby had to come home from work. It’s horrible now isn’t it! I really think it’s amazing what we struggle through and what we don’t notice we’ve been battling until baby’s gone to bed.
    Hope you’re better now as these bugs seem to keep coming back time and time again recently.
    Thanks for sharing #TheBabyformula

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    1. I know it definitely seems to be a theme at the moment! Poor you, hope you’re ok now. It’s so tough. I’m ok now although had a really horrible migraine type thing the other day – not fun with a crying baby! Thanks for having me again and for reading. Ellen


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