Highs and lows of our family holiday

This was the first time our little family had been away alone; we’d done a mini break with B’s family a little while back but this was unchartered territory – just the three of us staying in a caravan Monday – Friday. We went to a holiday park near the coast which is about 90 minutes from home so it wasn’t too daunting! I realised this could be a very dull post so I thought I’d make it snappier by listing our highs and lows.

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A mother’s skills

As a child, you think your parents know everything. Even as an adult, I’m always asking my parent’s advice and getting their opinion on things. My mum is so clever and I sort of assumed that before I became a mother I would somehow transcend into a wiser, calmer, more organised human being. That I would be full of mummy wisdoms and have a broad skill set. Alas, I fear it may not have happened quite yet. Continue reading

6 struggles of a new parent

After reading the Dad Up North’s hilarious post about baby things he doesn’t understand, I was reminded of how pointless baby shoes are and our battles with them. I’ve already mentioned some of the things I wasn’t a natural at before and there’s even more stuff that really should be easy and just isn’t (at least for us…) Here are some of the things that we’ve struggled with as new parents:

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A note to my baby boy

I have written this post after enjoying the Occupation: (m)other‘s wonderful 18 million things series which in turn inspired the gorgeous All the Little Things over at Adventures with J. (Please check them both out, they are fab bloggers!) After reading their lovely posts I realised how many adorable things our little boy does now that I’m sure he won’t do for long. He’s at such a sweet age and seems to be changing daily. Continue reading

Review: Bakerdays Letterbox Cake

I was recently offered the chance to review a letterbox cake from Bakerdays. Anybody who has read my blog before knows my sweet tooth is unrivalled so I jumped at the chance to try the cake! Bakerdays have cakes for every occasion you can imagine – and the opportunity to personalise them with photos and text so you can have a fully customised treat. They post them next day if you order before 2pm. They are sent by Royal Mail and fit through the letterbox – so no worrying about being around to answer the door! Continue reading