8 things a new mum really needs

After you have a baby you tend to get given lots of gifts. While flowers, teddies, chocolates and clothes for the baby are all lovely and very much appreciated, I think there are some things that would be much better gifts for new mums. Here’s my list of what I think are the most important/nicest things you can do for a new mother:

  1. Offer to wash up or clean. Seriously. If you can help on this front without offending someone, do. I would have been so happy if someone had offered to hoover my house! Even if you just wash a few dishes or take the bins out I am sure the new parents will be eternally grateful.

    It’s hard to find time to clean with a newborn.
  1. Take food. If you’re going to visit, it should be obligatory to take sustenance. It’s up to you whether that’s snacky junk food or actual meals, but bring something. Cooking is not usually high up on the priority list when your world has just been turned upside down by a newborn but you gotsta eat!
  1. Give her a cushion to sit on. Without going into gory details I was sat on a cushion for at least two weeks after birth. And mine was by no means one of the worst. Helping a new mum feel comfortable is one of the best things you can do as a friend or family member.
  1. If she’s breastfeeding bring Lansinoh and breastpads – the holy grail for breast feeders. You can spend a lot of money on those so receiving them as gifts is brilliant!

    Vital supplies for a breastfeeding mum!
  1. If her partner has gone back to work or she’s on her own, look after the baby while she has a shower. She’ll be overwhelmed with gratitude!
  1. Make sure she has something good to watch on telly because the main things a newborn needs are cuddles and milk, and she’s likely to be sitting down a lot during those first weeks. Looking at your baby is wonderful and entertaining but not for twelve hours a day.
  1. Offer encouragement and support. Sometimes those first days are scary and lonely. Tell her she’s doing great, she looks lovely and the baby is perfect. If she’s breastfeeding but nervous about doing it in public, go with her to support her. If she wants some help on her first trip out alone with the baby, be there.
  1. Here’s the thing all parents are most in need of: sleep. But you might not be able to help with that one. If you can let a new mum have a nap that would be the greatest gift of all!
Our little sleep stealer!

What else would you say is helpful for those early days?

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35 thoughts on “8 things a new mum really needs

  1. What about a food delivery service for the a couple of weeks or 1 month? I actually bought it as a gift before and I wish someone had gifted it to me too. Let’s be honest, no one wants to worry about cooking with a newborn.


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  2. Nailed it. All I wanted was someone to clean the house or to have a shower. What I didn’t need was to be told how tired I looked! I did love that lots of people bought us clothing gifts in a variety of sizes and the huge nappy cake, you always need a nappy! X

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    1. The clothing was useful! I guess if I have a second one it will be even less so, so I would be more likely to want something else, haha. I never actually got a nappy cake but nappies are a great gift. Oh being told how tired you look is awful – ‘I KNOW! I am bloody tired!’ I lost loads of blood in birth too so I was deathly pale for the first week or so too – not great! Thanks for reading, Ellen

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  3. Those first few weeks are scary and lonely! It was nice I had my mum around quite a bit. She helped me organise the house as even though I carried him for 9 months I totally wasn’t prepared!! It was 2 months in when I got a load more independent that I got annoyed with her for helping! I don’t know why, I had planned that washing up in! Come spend time with your grandson!! Lol, can’t win hey!?

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  4. I think you have hit the nail on the head with this! It was me down to the cushion!! Food is the biggy, maybe offer to pop to the supermarket for her on your way there, or to be there when the online shop arrives to help put it away. Those kind of things are so tiny but can make a massive difference to an exhausted new mum. Your sleep thief is just gorgeous. Thanks for linking! #bigpinklink

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  5. Love this post. People who came to visit but didn’t actually lift a finger to help really irirritated me. Friends without kids would come and wait for me to offer them a cuppa; they were lucky if I even had any milk in, unless they wanted it out of my boobs lol!! Mind you, pre-kids, I was just as useless. Your list needs to be shared with child-free friends of pregnant mamas!

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  6. Love this list! There are definitely two types of visitors, the ones you want there who are a comfort, support, help…and the other type!!
    I would add…space…visitors can be overwhelming when you’re learning how to breastfeed and get to know your baby. take their lead, and their hints!
    Thanks for linking up to #coolmumclub

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    1. That’s very true – I know a lot of people say they don’t want any visitors for a week or two. We have big families so by the time they’ve all come round (and we would want them to) we might as well go for it and let everyone come! Thanks for having me again xx


  7. Ahhhh a nap really would be the greatest gift of all, second bringing food, third doing cleaning. It’s nice to bring useful gifts like the breast feeding supplies. Thanks so much for joining us for #bloggerclubuk, hope you will be back again tomorrow! x

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