6 months as your mother

This post is a little different to most of my usual posts…I’ve written a letter to my son.

I feel like I became a mother as soon as I knew your heart was beating in my womb because my decisions were almost all about you from that moment on. It was just over 6 months ago that you entered the world and I felt I should mark it somehow. I could write another soppy post about how adorable you are or all the things you can do now. Instead, I thought I’d be a bit reflective (and selfish!) and write about myself. I think my face and body tell the story of the last 6 months…

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7 pairs of trousers & not 1 pair fits: the realities of a post-pregnancy body

Everyone knows that once you become a mum online shopping is infinitely easier. No attempting to navigate the ridiculously narrow aisles in clothes shops run by beautifully dressed women. No rushing out of a shop red-faced as your child screams blue murder. No trying to squeeze into a changing room cubicle. No awkward explanations as to why you left the shop when your child was holding a pair of socks you hadn’t paid for. You get the gist: ordering online is the way forward.

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12 of my #Mummywins

When I wrote my very first blog post about #Mumlife it was pointed out by the lovely Gem at Colley’s Wobbles that one of the items on my list actually counted as a Mummywin. Claire at The Pramshed wrote about mummy wins and newborn firsts; such as the first time she left the house after having the baby. Here’s my list of #mummywins, the things that make me smile and think ‘Woop, dodged a bullet’ or ‘I actually CAN do this without being a hot mess!’

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