Unexpected habits

No matter how much reading you do or how many babies you’ve spent time with I think everyone goes into parenting with big gaps in their knowledge! There are huge gaps in mine but one thing that has been amusing and baffling for me are some of the habits my son has which I didn’t expect from a baby! Here are a few things that I hadn’t expected of my son:

  1. That his farts would be so very loud. They rival his Dad’s. One of my friends commented on it when he was first born as they reckoned they’d never heard a baby fart that loudly before. It’s pretty embarrassing.
  1. That he would scream so much when we changed his nappy and/or clothes as a newborn. It took him a while to grow out of this, and even now if he’s a bit grumpy he might cry when he’s being changed. It was awful, it used to break my heart as he would shriek away.
  1. He wrings his little hands sometimes while I am feeding him or just when we have him sat on our laps. It is so adorable but doesn’t look like the kind of action a baby does!
  1. He cries in his sleep. Sometimes it will be a full on scream but before I’ve even had a chance to pick him up he’s stopped.
  1. Mood swings. This has got to be the strangest thing (and I imagine is only going to get more extreme as he becomes a toddler). One minute he is giggling, laughing and chattering away and the next he is crying! The most annoying thing is when he is crying on me but B takes him and all of a sudden he is all smiles! Little monkey.
  1. He gets interested in the weirdest things. He becomes transfixed by me tapping my foot near him while he lays on the floor and he loves to try and eat patterned cushions

    TM sitting on the sofa in a red whale t shirt looking off at something out of shot.
    Fascinated by a cushion or wallpaper or something…
  1. He grunts. All the time! He makes all these strange noises and people ask me ‘Oh is he doing a poo?’ ‘Is he ok?’ and I have to apologise and tell them that he just makes ridiculous noises, for no reason.
  1. The sheer amount of dribble a tiny person can produce. Within an hour he will have soaked through a bib and there will be wet patches on the mat/chair/my leg/my shoulder depending on where he is. I think he may have started teething so this has got even worse recently!
  1. How sensitive his skin is. Sometimes even just picking him up leaves him with red marks on his tummy, poor little guy.
  1. That he can be entertained solely by looking at and touching my face. Occasionally this makes him laugh hysterically, I clearly have a funny face.
I guess my face is pretty hilarious…

What habits do your little ones have that you weren’t expecting?

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40 thoughts on “Unexpected habits

  1. The loud farts are the ones! My daughters would cut through the silence in the night like a fog horn – it’s worse in public lol

    How happy and snuggly does he look in that pic! Adorable xx

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  2. It all seems such a long time ago now. I remember that my son, if you didn’t get the nappy on in time, had an unerring knack of peeing in a huge silvery arc over your shoulder. If you were lucky that is.

    Lovely post. Was a pleasure to read it and I’m very glad to have stumbled across your blog. 🙂

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  3. Baby farts are crazy! They sound like grown men. My boy is 2 and still cries out. I leap out of bed and he’s sleeping soundly #fartglitter

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  4. Yep our little man was a serious grunter! To the point where I actually filmed him grunting at night and (obsessive mother alert) showed our GP. I mean seriously? It was like trying to sleep with a warthog in the room? Quite funny though too. I have so kept the video to torment him with when he’s all growed up! 🙂 Thanks for linking up with #fartglitter x

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  5. My little boy also grunts, it’s his little concentration noise! He also scrabbles at things with his hands like when I’m changing him or when he’s feeding on my boob (painful with his sharp little nails!) and will find the randomest things I say hilarious, like when I say nakedy baby 😂

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  6. loving the touching face fascination. R loves my face. Farts are amusing too, he farted in his sleep and giggled yesterday, it was the cutest thing I think he’s done! #triballove #bigpinklink

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  7. Babies are funny little beings! I wonder if he keeps up any of these mannerisms as he gets older? Let’s hope it’s not the farting! He’s got his dad for that one, i’m sure! 😉 xxx #TribalLove !

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  8. This is such a good list. Especially the mood swings and the crying in their sleep. It always surprised me that Rory pinched my boobs when he was feeding… Unwise, you would think!

    His current thing is to shout “EGG!” which is hilarious 😂 He’s 13.5 months. Little scamp 😍

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  9. I am with you on the dribble… it just keeps coming. Mood swings… she goes from the happiest baby in the world to I need sleep in the blink of an eye. The farts… one was so loud I heard it down the baby monitor when she was asleep!!! I mean really?!?! Great post honey xx
    #bigpinklink #fartglitter #triballove

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  10. Aww I had completely forgotten these until reading your post, you had me hooked at number 1! Little Button used to laugh uncontrollably every time she saw a little monkey toy that came with her baby gym. Thank you for linking up to the #DreamTeam x

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