6 months as your mother

This post is a little different to most of my usual posts…I’ve written a letter to my son.

I feel like I became a mother as soon as I knew your heart was beating in my womb because my decisions were almost all about you from that moment on. It was just over 6 months ago that you entered the world and I felt I should mark it somehow. I could write another soppy post about how adorable you are or all the things you can do now. Instead, I thought I’d be a bit reflective (and selfish!) and write about myself. I think my face and body tell the story of the last 6 months…

The lines around my eyes are deeper, more noticeable, because I laugh more. I look older. I am smiling most of the time because how could I not smile at your gorgeous grin? I laugh at your noises, giggles, expressions and even your shitty nappies.


Me drinking a glass of champagne and smiling...with pink nail varnish!
Look at those wrinkles! I’m 26! And the chipped nails..
My clothes are chosen based on what I can feed you in, how easily dribble stains show up and if I can play on the floor with you without being indecent.


My hands are dry because I’m always washing them after changing your nappies and cleaning up after you. If I do paint my nails it chips from doing poppers up.


My legs are unshaven and unmoisturised because who has time for that?


I have got really good at walking with you balanced on my hip and doing things one-handed. It feels like my natural posture now.


My hair is tied up as you so love to pull it!!


I always have bags under my eyes because I don’t sleep or rest as much these days.


Shoes have to be comfortable so we can walk around the park or to see friends.


My arms feel empty when I’m not holding you. Each cuddle now feels a little more special as you get ever closer to being able to crawl and I know you will want these hugs less and less.

I am bigger than I used to be, but my body has achieved so much.


I look like your mum and it’s the best look I’ve ever had.


Me and Tom, I'm smiling at the camera and he is looking at and pulling my hair
Trying to get a nice picture of us and foolishly had my hair down so you just had to pull Mummy’s hair!
I apologise for the self-indulgent post!
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43 thoughts on “6 months as your mother

  1. ‘I look like your mum and it’s the best look I’ve ever had’ oh I love this line and think it could be one of the best lines in a blog I’ve ever read! You look like the best mum ever – loved this post – from the chipped nails to the wonky posture – just brilliant! #triballove

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  2. What a lovely, reflective post. The last line is just beautiful, I really connected with it. Before I had my daughter, I worried that people would realise I was a fraud, an imposter but now, my little bubs is almost 10 months old, I know that my role of ‘mummy’ just fits. The biggest change for me in becoming a mummy is flat shoes – I only ever wore heels until I fell pregnant 😉 #KCACOLS

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    1. Ah what a lovely comment, thank you so much! I know what you mean about feeling like an imposter, I think it takes a bit of time – glad you’ve settled in too 😊 Ohhh yes flat shoes are a must – I’ve never really been a heels person anyway but even a slightly heeled boot worries me these days haha. Thanks for reading, Ellen


  3. That’s a lovely post Ellen, the ‘mummy look’ certainly suits you. It’s so lovely to see the happiness your little man has brought, even if it comes at the expenses of sleep and moisturiser (I am sure my hands have aged a good 10’years in the last 2). Beautiful post honey xx #triballove #KCACOLS

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  4. Lovely post! Just wait until child 2 though… there won’t be any chipped nail polish. There won’t be any nail polish! I shaved my legs yesterday and nearly clogged the bath (can I sell my leg hair to bald men?…it’s long enough!) But a snuggle from my littles ones reminds me that I wouldn’t change a thing. X

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  5. What a lovely post. Very honest and true! It can be hard to accept all the changes that being a mother can physically bring about on our bods but I love that you can see that and that you find such love and positivity. Oh and on the cuddle front – I loved the baby cuddles but there’s definitely something more mutual about cuddles as they get older. A cuddle from my toddler is THE best feeling in the entire world. Must remember that when I spot another grey hair! Your last line is just beautiful. #KCACOLS and late #triballove

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      1. I was thinking about this again at bedtime tonight, always snuggly while we read a book and tonight he was tired and even more so. Yep there’s something really special about ones that are given and not just because they can’t walk yet. Xx

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  6. Oh Ellen, this made me well up when I read the last line – not self indulgent at all, just beautifully put! I miss cuddles at the moment as Emma literally does not stop moving and crawling around from the moment she wakes. Such a lovely post xxx #triballove #KCACOLS

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  7. Those days are so nice when you have a baby to carry on your hip! This post is lovely, and reminds me to treasure all the parenting moments, as they do grow up so fast! #BloggerClubUK

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  8. What a sweet letter and lovely picture of both of you. I especially loved this line “I am bigger than I used to be, but my body has achieved so much.” … so true, we all have achieved so much and we must not lose sight of that fact, even if we are tired and so sleep deprived. Thanks for sharing with #bigpinklink

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    1. Ah thank you El. I have been thinking about my body and weight a lot recently and have had to give myself a stern talking to! It’s amazing what we’ve been through and we should be proud not ashamed. Anyway thanks for having me – lovely to see you join the #bigpinklink powerhouse team! Thanks for reading, Ellen


  9. Not self indulgent at all, I like looking at things from different angles and I also like the mostly positive spin on this post. These children do make us laugh every day, don’t they? Thanks for sharing with #bigpinklink 🙂

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  10. This post is just gorgeous, it’s not self-indulgent at all! Sometimes it’s nice to have a post about the mum/dad/family without it always being about the baby and how much shit filled their nappy today 😂 Babies do have a fascination with hair don’t they? Xxx #TribalLove 😚

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  11. Awww this is so sweet & so true! I nodded along with them all. Just enjoy your precious baby now – soon enough there will be time to shave your legs, sleep & moisturize. The baby stages goes by so quick. I love that you love your look & your honest mommy state! Thanks so much for linking up with us at #BloggerClubUK

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  12. Aw Ellen I just teared up, this is such an amazing letter and I was hooked on every word. I could not have said it any better myself. Youre so right, the moment we become pregnant we become a mother because all the decisions are made for them. : ) Our bodies and minds change completely. Love this post so much! Thanks so much for sharing with #StayClassy!

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