Wires, cushions & feet: my baby’s favourite playthings

Babies are funny creatures. You can spend a fortune on toys and games for them to play with only to discover they only want to play with stuff they definitely shouldn’t have or that seems entirely dull. Luckily almost all of our toys have been gifts or second-hand because TM is a fan of the non-toy. Here’s a list of things that entertain my 6 month old baby:

Me tapping my foot while he sits or lies on the floor. He literally becomes transfixed. I think he just likes feet in general as he often crawls towards people’s feet or shoes and attempts to bite them.

Patterned cushions. He particularly likes to try and eat these. He gets really excited and just kind of face plants into them.

Trying to pull the bath plug out (ours is in the centre of the bath so he can reach it from either end!).

The bottom of the foot stools. He likes to lick these.

TM sitting next to a black footstool wearing a babygro covered in cars
Sitting next to his favourite thing…

Pulling and attempting to eat the curtains.

Water bottles. Full, empty, or – his favourite – the ones at baby sensory filled with colour or glitter. He’s actually surprisingly strong as he can lift the ones full of water!

Pulling my hair. His face literally lights up when he can reach it.

Lifting him high into the air. If you’re really lucky he dribbles on to you while he’s laughing.

Wires – these are just out of reach and slightly tucked away behind the TV cabinet and I often find him trying to stretch out to grab them.

Remote controls and mobile phones. He’s not to be fobbed off with his giant plastic toy versions, either. He wants the real thing.

Me and TM, he's chewing a brown teething necklace while wearing a cowboy outfit!

My teething necklaces – this one was a competition win from Crown Chewels and he loves it! He will just grab them and chew them for ages when given the chance.

Me dancing terribly (in particular moving my head around). This is best for him when accompanied by a soundtrack of Big Poppa – The Notorious B.I.G. or No Diggity – Blackstreet.

Attempting to grab and eat nappy bags, wet wipes or the whole changing bag.

Trying to open the drawer at the bottom of the TV stand. We’ve taped it up so I think he sees this as a personal challenge.


As you can imagine ‘This is not a toy’ is a phrase I utter a lot. What non-toys are your babies and toddlers interested in?

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44 thoughts on “Wires, cushions & feet: my baby’s favourite playthings

  1. We all enjoy licking a good footstool specimen! Who wouldn’t?! Babies also seem to be fascinated with the labels on toys. I got Mouse a lovely ‘taggie’ blanket because I thought the ribbon would have a similar appeal to labels. No, no it did not. Won’t be making the same mistake with Moo, she can have some old keys, one of my tops, and a pack of wipes. I’ll check in with her when she’s 4.

    Great post 😊 Moose xx

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  2. hah! yes! my baby has just turned 3 months but her nappy whilst I change her seems to be her most favourite “toy” in the world at the moment! I enjoyed reading your blog post 🙂 x

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  3. The cat comment made me laugh!

    Our youngest is at that stage too. Toys are pointless (apart from an armoured dragon she won at a tombola) she much prefers nappy bags, nappies, my face and receipts. Even when she gouges my face to ribbons she smiles and laughs…


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    1. Haha I know I’m wondering if there is a blog post in the cat thing you know… So funny isn’t it, I accidentally left an envelope on the floor earlier and I swear he has never crawled so fast! His little face lit up. Thanks for reading, Ellen

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  4. Ha ha this is hilarious! My now 9-month old has similar fascinations…he has however expanded his interests to sucking his brothers toes…something they both inexplicably find hilarious and attempting to eat concrete…yes, actual concrete! Go figure!

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  5. They are crazy! Mine loves a good wire to chew on, I need eyes on him at all times! Oh and yes, remotes and phones. We were just upstairs and I turned round and he is trying to chew on the hygeine label from my new bikini, cringe! #stayclassymama

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    1. I know it’s taken the phrase watching like a hawk to a whole new meaning. We were at my parents house earlier and he was going for the iPad charger, the hairdryer, the remotes, everything! Ahahaha hygiene label that’s amazing!! Thanks for reading, Ellen


  6. Remote controls and mobile phones are pretty much the Popple’s favourite things – I can’t let her see my phone because then she’ll want it, and will throw a tantrum if I don’t give it to her. Her interest in extension cords is also a bit worrying – it just means that I can’t take my eyes off of her, not even for a minute! #fortheloveofBLOG

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    1. Haha I know – genuinely the only place he is safe is when I strap him in his buggy! Even in the cot if he is crawling about and sitting up in it he will sometimes fall back and whack his head. Nightmare. Thanks for reading lovely, Ellen x


  7. If I had another baby I don’t think I’d bother much with toys! It made me feel duped by the toy industry, as so much is just not necessary! Just some safe everyday objects would do. #fortheloveofBLOG

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  8. It’s funny how parents so much money on toys and all the kids want to do is play with the things they aren’t allowed to have! I think he’ll grow out of the feet one soon, I don’t think you have to be very old to realise feet are gross lol
    Thanks for linking up to #BloggerClubUK 🙂

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  9. ha ha – so funny – licking the bottom of the footstool! brilliant! My daughter used to love just emptying draws – any draw and anything in them – All.The.Time – anywhere and any place – think you can imagine just how bloody annoying that phase became!! Hope you can stop using the over used phrase of “that isn’t a toy” soon lovely #BigPinkLink

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    1. Haha brilliant, yep I can imagine that tires pretty quickly! My friend’s little girl loved taking things in and out of drawers as well as the laundry basket and off the airer so doing the washing was quite a challenge! Thanks for reading darling! Ellen xx

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  10. Why do babies want everything but their toys?! Like you we have spent ages on toys for our little one, but like you all she wants is my phone charger, the internet booster little aerials, the wires that are completely out of reach under the table (she crawls under and gets stuck), the remote control, the video monitor, and the soil out of the plant pot. She often wants what I have too. Did you know that you can by a real-life fake remote from Poundland, I’m thinking I might get one and trick her into thinking it’s the real remote. Thanks so much for joining us at #fortheloveofBLOG this week. Claire x

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  11. Hahahaha I loved hearing about this in the conception stage!! Now Alyssa can move around she wants everything – random pieces of plastic on the floor take precident over toys.Wires… oooooo!! And the attention span of a goldfish i swear!!

    Thanks for linking to #ablogginggoodtime #triballove

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    1. Oh my god I was so confused when you mentioned conception then realised you meant the conception of the post ahaha. Ha bless her. Oh and he’s now into plastic bags!! Nightmare. Thanks for having me and for reading sweet, Ellen xx


  12. What is it with remote controls and mobile phones? They seem to be attracted to those things. Mine used to go for my keys and he would not be fooled by the toy ones as well. We used to laugh that we should just buy empty boxes for the kids because they loved it more than the actual toys that came in it. Thanks for sharing with #bigpinklink

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  13. Oh my goodness, they are a little crazy! I have to watch threenager all of the time. For months we couldn’t find our tv remote and it was because she had kidnapped it and hidden it her toy box. I think this was a cunning ploy to try and ensure CBeebies was on. ALL. OF. THE. TIME. I even got her a toy remote and she didn’t want to know. Thanks for linking up to #FridayFrolics. Hope to see you next week 🙂

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  14. Yes, it’s strange, isn’t it? Mine loved remote controls too (& yes must be real ones – got an old one with no batteries out of a drawer for them to play with in fact!) Baby wipes too – mine love to be allowed to wipe things & always have!

    Thanks so much for linking up to #FridayFrolics. Hope to see you next time!

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    1. Haha yes that’s exactly what we did with an old remote control! It works particularly well if I pretend he can’t have it haha. Oh yeah baby wipes are always a favourite, until you have to actually use them on the baby. Then they are evil. Thanks for having me! Ellen


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