What’s in a name? Musings on marriage, surnames & feminism.

I don’t want to alarm anybody but I am a feminist. I know, I’ve lulled you all into a false sense of security because I hadn’t mentioned bra burning or Germaine Greer in any of my other blog posts, but it’s true. I was actually going to start a feminist blog but then I got pregnant and it got put on the back burner and eventually it made more sense to start a parenting blog! The reason I mention it now is because I have been thinking about surnames again recently and it reminded me of something I wrote a while back on all the arguments I had to come up with for why I kept my own surname when I got married.

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Babies, biscuits and books: #3

Welcome to the third instalment in my book series. Last time I said I was thinking about doing one of these every week but I soon realised (with the help of a fellow blogger) that as I usually only write one or two posts a week my blog would very quickly become primarily about books and it could get very dull! So as library books have a three week borrowing time perhaps I should aim for every 3 weeks?! I am really enjoying this series and reading about everyone’s favourite stories – it’s lovely to hear that there are so many book lovers and mini bookworms out there. Continue reading

A note for our virtual memory box: #2

A few months back I wrote one of my most popular (and soppy) posts – a note to my baby boy which was, funnily enough, a note to TM about all the wonderful and strange things he does. Babies change so very quickly and I decided that my virtual memory box (sounds more sentimental than a blog, right?) was the perfect place to record all his quirks and habits. Without further ado…

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The title is pretty self explanatory; this is about breastfeeding and my experiences of it. It’s a very personal (and long, sorry!) post that I’m a bit nervous about sharing. There have been two things stopping me writing this post before now. Firstly, I don’t want to jinx myself and suddenly come down with mastitis or get blocked ducts after writing this as I am hoping to feed TM until he is at least one. Secondly, I suppose I don’t want people to think I’m being smug. Most of the blog posts that I have read about breastfeeding have been about the difficulties people have faced or why they have chosen not to breastfeed. My story is really not like that…

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An undomestic goddess bakes muffins

I hope anybody who knows me in real life or reads my blog regularly doesn’t fall over in shock at this statement but…I baked some muffins. Yes, the undomestic goddess herself actually made something and it was edible! Since we’ve been weaning the little guy B has still done all of the cooking, although obviously I’ve managed to rustle up a few simple things like pasta, veg and salad! I have been looking through the Baby Led Weaning Cookbook (which is written by the wonderful Gill Rapley and Tracey Murkett and you can find out more about here) for inspiration and my sister-in-law had recommended the savoury muffin recipe from the book. I bit the bullet and actually went for it! Obviously all credit for the recipe goes to Gill Rapley and Tracey Murkett.

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Babies, biscuits and books: #2

This is the second instalment in my new book series. I was intending to do this weekly but last week it didn’t quite happen after a boozy weekend away with my uni pals – I’ll see how I get on next week but perhaps I should aim for fortnightly?! Anyway. I had a lovely response to my last book post and got some great recommendations, too. We’ve been to the library again and I’ve also bought us some new books, I just couldn’t resist.

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