Babies, biscuits and books: #2

This is the second instalment in my new book series. I was intending to do this weekly but last week it didn’t quite happen after a boozy weekend away with my uni pals – I’ll see how I get on next week but perhaps I should aim for fortnightly?! Anyway. I had a lovely response to my last book post and got some great recommendations, too. We’ve been to the library again and I’ve also bought us some new books, I just couldn’t resist.

This is one of our library books. It is in the Ladybird Baby Touch series and is called Hello Baby! (published by Penguin Books Ltd). It’s aimed at young babies and on each page shows an animal and their baby (with the correct term describing each animal’s offspring e.g. calf). It has a little bit of texture within the pictures – so the calf has a furry stomach. The last page has a pram and a mirror at the end so they can look at themselves – TM loved that! It’s a great sensory book for babies and I like that there is the educational aspect of learning the names for baby animals, too.

Biscuits consumed while reading the Hello, Baby book: A shortbread. I even let the baby have a lick.


This book is aimed at children a bit older than TM as there are various things you can push, pull and play with in the book, making it more of an interactive read. I chose it anyway though as who doesn’t love a pirate book?! I Wish I Were A Pirate (by Smriti Prasadam-Halls & Sarah Ward, published by Bloomsbury Publishing PLC) is a really fun read about how jolly it would be to be a pirate! Obviously TM wasn’t able to do the actions himself but he seemed to like it when I pushed the pirate up or moved sliders to reveal the treasure; he was quite fascinated. The illustrations in this book are wonderful and I am sure older children would enjoy the play aspect.

This board book is probably aimed at slightly older children but as it’s nice and robust with bright, colourful pictures it can definitely be enjoyed by babies. I really should have got this one before Father’s Day! I Love My Daddy (written by Fhiona Galloway & Jonathan Litton and published by Little Tiger Press Group) is a colourful book with a star theme. Each page has a star shaped cut out which TM loved poking his fingers through! They have father-child relationships represented by different animals. The children present their fathers with various gifts to thank them or congratulate them and that’s where the stars come in – the gifts are a jumper with a star on it, a star shaped shell etc. The story rhymes which makes it even more fun to read – I think babies and young children respond really well to rhyme. It’s a very sweet story showing lots of kindness and appreciation, and the simple, bold illustrations are perfect for little ones.

Biscuits consumed while reading the pirate & Daddy books: 2 Oreos and 1 malted milk. The Oreos went particularly well with trying to prevent my son from pulling apart the pirate book, I can highly recommend them.

Ah, well, this needs no introduction does it? Dogger (written by Shirley Hughes and published by Random House) is an absolute classic! I remember reading this story as a child and my sister gave it to us at my baby shower as it was my nephew’s favourite book when he was little. It’s such a touching and sweet story that most children can relate to – losing a favourite toy can be very emotional for kids. I think most people truly adore Dave and Dogger by the end of the story. The illustrations are amazing; two of the pictures I have included show some of my favourite pages (although the photos are pretty crap, sorry!). The detail is incredible and you just feel the scenes come alive and jump out at you. I love that the happy ending is all thanks to his sister’s kindness, I think that’s a lovely message to send to children. Although it’s now a pretty old book (it was first published in 1977) it’s still entirely relevant and just as wonderful. I did have to try and prevent TM eating it, though. We usually read this as one of our bedtime stories, it goes well with a cuddle!

Biscuits consumed while reading Dogger: 2 chocolate viennese whirls. I did not share these but I felt I deserved them for my valiant attempts to stop TM chewing the book and destroying it entirely.


We’ll be back soon with more of our favourite books – let us know if you’ve read any of these and what you thought!

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45 thoughts on “Babies, biscuits and books: #2

  1. Lovely pics, he’s really enjoying these books! We are also a big fan of Dogger – but my little ones are not so little now – we still have a dog-eared (sorry!) copy which was much loved and much read. #dreamteam

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  2. I love the biscuit updates! The Popple is too tired for bedtime stories these days (nursery tires her out), but I try to read to her on the days that I’m with her. She loves books with tabs and flaps that she can play with.

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  3. What has amazed me is that the little one (2.5), having access to all the older one’s books, will enjoy everything from ‘That’s not my mermaid’ to Pirate Dinosaurs and TinTin….there’s so much to look at and if you’re lucky, they can amuse themselves for 5 mins just looking at the pictures! #BloggerClubUK

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  4. I can’t handle Dogger. Literally not happening. Likewise “Goodbye Mog” – the whole Mog series is great when they’re slightly older but avoid that one like the plague!! The Hello Baby books are brilliant – we have a fantastic one about different colour groups which the OCD in me enjoys as it’s all neatly ordered 😉 Looking forward to the next instalment and biscuit tally. #BloggerClubUK

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  5. I love this! Wow Dogger is SUCH a classic – I must hunt that down and show to E. I really love the biscuits consumed feature and am really impressed that you share Oreos and Malted Milks 🙂 This series is great and lots of ideas for books I hadn’t heard of x #DreamTeam

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  6. Love the book choices this week and hope you had a good time boozing away 🙂 My kids absolutely loved all the baby touch books. you should try Peekaboo I think lil man would really enjoy it x #bloggerclubuk

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  7. Looks like you’re raising a great little bookworm there 🙂
    I’d forgotten about Dogger. Will have to get a copy for my grandson.
    PS. All that talk about biscuits is making me hungry.

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  8. I’ve never seen Dogger before – seems like I’ve missed out on a classic, I think I’ll have to get a copy. I’ve always loved books and I love that my little ones seem to be enjoying them too.
    The biscuits bits made me chuckle – nice touch!

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  9. I love that you have a biscuit consume rating throughout. Don’t pressurise yourself to write it weekly!! My series, which you kindly mentioned in your first book review, goes out per library hire so 3 weekly, if that is a thing! I love pirate books, the fact its a bit older doesn’t matter. It’s still fun! #bloggerclubUK

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  10. My daughter loves reading and I find it a great way to bond and help with language development as well as just have a good old cuddle. My 20 month old still loves the Hello Baby book and I’ll be keeping it for new newborn when he’s a little older.

    I love the old classics too but didn’t know about Dogger. Sounds like a keeper for the bookshelf so thanks for sharing that one – will look into it! #stayclassymama

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    1. Oh another one who hadn’t heard of Dogger, well I am pleased I’ve enlightened you hehe. Hope you enjoy it! It is such a lovely activity to do with little ones and has great benefits for them like you say. Thanks for reading, Ellen


  11. I don’t think I have read Dogger before. Some great picks though and very useful to be able to read a review before going out to buy a copy. Your little one looks completely engrossed. Thank you for linking up to the #DreamTeam

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  12. Oh Ive never read Dogger and I want to now. Thanks for sharing. The hardback books look cute too. A lovely blog post and thanks for linking to #KLTR

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    1. Oh my goodness you must read it! Haha I honestly thought everybody had but I’ve been proved very wrong by the comments on here. Hopefully everyone enjoys it if they do go and read it. Thanks for having me, I loved finding that there was a reading linky 😊 Ellen

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