A note for our virtual memory box: #2

A few months back I wrote one of my most popular (and soppy) posts – a note to my baby boy which was, funnily enough, a note to TM about all the wonderful and strange things he does. Babies change so very quickly and I decided that my virtual memory box (sounds more sentimental than a blog, right?) was the perfect place to record all his quirks and habits. Without further ado…

My darling boy, you’re almost 8 months old and I don’t quite know where the time is going. You do so many gorgeous things now and you’re growing so quickly.

You love eating cushions, especially bright coloured ones.

When we go to see Daddy while he’s working at the pub you get really excited and start making really loud noises.

Gagayahyahdadayah is your new phrase and it’s hilarious. You started ‘speaking’ and making dada/gaga noises about a month ago, but I don’t think you realise that Dada is Daddy.

You’re obsessed with bottles and drinks, especially beer bottles. It’s SO funny how you reach for them and stare when people are holding them, you basically become hypnotised. I am a little concerned that you already have our love of alcohol!

TM on the grass with a green hat on with blue stars on it reaching for a brown bottle of Bud which I am holding

Some of the noises you make are distinctly dinosaur-esque – you have a growl and a happy noise which remind me of dinosaurs!

You don’t suck your thumb anymore – that was very short lived. It’s probably a good thing though.

You love eating and you make such a mess. And you hate being cleaned up afterwards.

We still enjoy reading together every day.

You look so pleased with yourself when you pull yourself up to standing. Your legs are so strong and I can’t believe how capable you are. You ‘furniture hop’ from the chair to the foot stool to the next chair.

Finally, you get tired a bit earlier so you’re not such a night owl. I still think your bedtime is a bit late but I am enjoying my newfound evening alone-time.

You get yourself into ridiculous spaces (usually because you’ve spotted a wire hidden behind them) and then cry because you’re stuck.

TM hiding
Apologies for the finger in the corner!

Sometimes we bring you into our bed in the mornings so we can all have a lie in and your face lights up as you look from me to Daddy and back again. I feel like my whole world is in that sleepy, smiley bed.

You’re still such a happy little thing, you’re always smiling and giggling and everybody remarks at how placid you are (most of the time).

Strangers and shop assistants always comment on the way you sit in your buggy with your feet on the bar. You look so chilled out and it cracks me up – I think you’ll have your dad’s laid back attitude which makes me happy.

You laugh loads when I kiss you and blow raspberries.

I love how much you adore all your grandparents and the rest of the family – you’re so lucky to have them and I hope you appreciate that when you get older. Recently we got a video of you giggling while Grandad pretended to sneeze and it made my heart sing seeing my Dad and my son having the best time together.

Your favourite thing is just to stand at my leg dribbling on my knee. You smile and stand there for ages, even though there’s so much you could be playing with or doing.

TM stood at my leg, I am wearing grey trousers with peacocks on them and he is in a light blue vest and brown bib
My cling-on!

You seem to be getting the start of separation anxiety. You cry when I leave the room sometimes and will cling to my leg.

When I put music on, you love it – you bop around and shout along!

You often hold your hands over your ears when you are tired – it’s very sweet.

I am loving seeing you growing up and learning new things all the time even though it’s all going too fast. Every day with you is still the best day and we laugh often – I hope it stays that way forever.

Thanks for indulging another soppy post from me!

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34 thoughts on “A note for our virtual memory box: #2

  1. Aaaah you must do these every few months or so, to look back on and see what has changed and which things are still the same. Absolutely lovely to read – the force is strong between you two. Buddies for life. #tribe xx PS your partner in crime owns a pub?! Swoon.

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    1. I know he’s changed so much even since I wrote the first one! Haha thanks darling you’re very sweet. Can’t believe you didn’t know we have a pub! It’s where I was working before having the gremlin, too. Thanks for reading Moose xxx

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I need to swot up on all things Ed. so far I have that you like biscuits, you’re crap at cooking, you’ve got a lovely teething necklace, you have a pub, and you don’t have a sleeve arm tattoo. I feel I’ve merely scratched the surface xx

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  2. This is a lovely idea and a lovely post to read. It makes me so excited to have our first this year and experience all of these things for the first time. If only it didn’t go so fast! #bigpinklink x

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Aw he’s just so super cute! Love that you consider your blog to be your virtual memory box. The time really does fly by so quickly and we bloggers are so lucky to have our posts to look back on. Gorgeous post. Looking forward to the next installment 🙂 xx
    Thanks for linking up to #fartglitter

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    1. Thank you Dawn – yeah it does seem to be that. It’s definitely lovely to lock back on these things and I don’t think I’d get round to writing it down if it wasn’t for the blog. Thanks for reading and for having me darling! Ellen xx

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  4. This is such a gorgeous post El, such a beautiful way to capture the personalities of your boy. I cold relate to so many things that my daughter does reading this. I love the way she pulls her self up to me. Although she’s not standing yet. It makes my heart melt when she buries her head into my lap. This is a fantastic virtual memory box, I hope you carry on doing this. Thanks so much for linking up at #fortheloveofBLOG. Claire x

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  5. Aww such a lovely post. Those early morning snuggles are so magical aren’t they and I love that your little one is starting to “speak” now. What a lovely way of recording the little moments so you can look back on them later 🙂 #triballove

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  6. Aw, I loved this soppy post. I had to giggle at the bottles. My youngest also loved holding glass bottles and yell for a “drink”. We also have an incriminating of him with an empty beer bottle. This is such a lovely idea – the virtual memory box – what a wonderful way of storing precious memories. #bigpinklink

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  7. Aww this is so lovely – I love these posts! Emma also has a love of beer bottles (and beer but shhhh I didn’t tell you that). It’s so wonderful to make a record of these things as I am sure we will forget all the tiny details xx #ablogginggoodtime

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  8. I love writing post like this, they always write themselves. I think it’s a lovely memory for you and him to look back on. Toby is the same with his food, so darn messy and hates me cleaning him! #ablogginggoodtime xx

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  9. Ellen! I just cried. hahahah It’s so great that I get to read about your son who is almost exactly the same age as my son! There are so many similarities, I felt like I could have written this (but not as beautifully) ; ). Sorry I don’t know why I am so emotional, I think the part where you bring him into bed in the morning and that is your whole world made me think about how we do the same…..although it’s usually in the middle of the night and in the morning he wakes up and tries to grab our faces, or pulls on my boyfriend’s beard. Anyway, thank you for sharing this very lovely post with #StayClassyMama!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ah Meagan bless you!!! Sorry for making you cry. You’re too kind – your writing is very beautiful ❤️ Yeah recently he’s been coming into our bed earlier and earlier, he definitely seems to be in some kind of regression or separation anxiety that won’t let him sleep without me 😭 Ah well I can’t complain too much he’s so cute! Thanks for having me and for your gorgeous comment, Ellen xxx


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