I have been fairly quiet on the blog recently and next week I am on holiday, so I just wanted to write a little post before I disappear offline. This is actually the first time I have shared one of my poems on the blog, although I did have one published online when I participated in Occupation: (m)other’s Creative Mothers series a few months back. I write poetry all the time but I think most of it is probably crap. This isn’t necessarily my finest writing but I think the sentiment comes through. I wrote this after an afternoon full of giggles with my boy and after reading my gorgeous friend Lucy’s lovely post about laughter (two links to her blog in one opening paragraph, I really must be her biggest fan..!)


almost 9 months ago I birthed you
and you came into our happy home
in a whirl of muslins, nappies, exhaustion
filling it to the brim with laughter and smiles

the joy in you is beautiful to see
your screams of pure glee
as you peekaboo around the curtain
make my heart sing

those giggles as I pull faces
the utter amazement in your eyes
as you push a walker towards us
fills me with delight

the wonder in your eyes as you
take in the world around you
your curiosity is a pleasure to see
you’ve begun to explore with gusto

what a gift it is to see your
innocent, absolute happiness
belly laughing on a rainy afternoon
life doesn’t get better than this

this is merely the start
of our adventures as a family
but already you’ve brought
us pure, beautiful joy

Almost bald, 8 month old baby wearing a long white sleeve vest top and bib crawling towards the camera laughing with his face looking downwards. there is a small red ball pool in the background.

Thanks for reading my slushy poem!

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30 thoughts on “Joy

  1. If I had an enormous pair of novelty red rimmed heart sunglasses now I would don them in appreciation of this lovely poem. The innocence of babies combined with watching them learn about the world is just lovely and you’ve captured it so, so well, as you do with everything you write! Much love xxx

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  2. Oh this is beautiful. You’ve really portrayed the wonderful joy of watching your own child laugh, learn and grow. I hope you are encouraged to share more of your lovely poetry. Mutual fangirling here my dear, thank you for the mentions! Xxxx

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  3. This is beautiful! You’ve managed to capture that inner glow of yumptiousness that we feel as parents when we just want to burst with pride at our little ones and their milestones and achievements. Gorgeous poem. Thanks for linking with #fartglitter x

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  4. Beautiful poem. Yes, our children do bring us so much joy and are a joy in themselves. I especially love this line “what a gift it is to see your innocent, absolute happiness”… what a great expression – it is truly a gift to be there with them. Thanks for sharing with #bigpinklink

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    1. Ah thank you for such a wonderful comment! There’s a line in a White stripes song ‘every breath in your lungs is a tiny little gift to me’ and I have always remembered it. Thanks for having me at #bigpinklink, Ellen x


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