Sun, stings and sleep deprivation

Last week we had a gorgeous 5 days away with my family. This was our fifth year (I think) of all going away together, usually camping. I’ve said before how amazing my family are and how much we enjoy our time together. It’s such a brilliant opportunity to spend time together without anyone having to invite 18 people over and cooking for them. We went to a lovely campsite not far from home which has beautiful fishing lakes and is near the coast. It’s great as they never overbook and as we went Sunday-Friday, leaving before the bank holiday weekend, it was quite quiet while we were there. We were in a big field at the furthest point of the campsite and we shared it with only two other caravans! 

We had the most beautiful weather – the only rain was during the night on the first night and the last night. It was hot and sunny every day and we didn’t do much at all to be honest! The older kids all did some fishing in the lakes on the campsite, we all played rounders together, there was lots of beer drunk and food consumed and we all ventured out a few times – the three of us went for a lovely lunch on the beach while the rest of the family explored a castle. Mostly it was just great to enjoy time together and relax.
TM (9 month old baby) on a patch of grass. He's wearing a bright green puddle suit and is on his hands and knees crawling, he's got a stripy grey and green hood with a dinosaur face and horns.
Sorry about the poor quality picture – TM rocking his puddle suit!
Of course no trip with a baby would be complete without them sleeping poorly. Some nights were better than others but the combination of the travel cot and the fact his sleep has been pretty rubbish the past month or 2 meant there weren’t many long stretches of sleep! We ended up with him in our bed a few times which was a definite squash in the motorhome but bought us a few hours sleep in the morning.


There were some insect related disasters too. The place seemed to swarm with wasps during the day and there were tons of biters in the evening. Luckily we managed to stop TM getting bitten or stung but I think all the adults got a few bites and my poor niece got a wasp sting on her lip after a dastardly wasp hid in her drink. I’m not sure who ‘wins’ as I had some kind of awful reaction to an insect bite and ended up with a totally swollen wrist and hand – I no longer had knuckles, merely dimples, much the same as my chubby son! I was hoping for some kind of miracle from the pharmacist but they were worried about it being an infection so I had to register as a temporary resident and see the GP to get antibiotics. Sad times indeed but they kicked in pretty quick so I didn’t resemble the elephant man the next day.
A beautiful bright orange sunset, lots of blue sky, over some flat fields and trees
A gorgeous sunset
TM adored all the extra company and the attention of his big cousins. They loved playing games with him and it was brilliant to see him crawling across a huge open field. He’s been standing up alone for a few weeks and cruising furniture for ages now and we were trying to persuade him to take a step. He actually did take one VERY tentative step but I think it’ll be a little while before he’s off properly. It’s so exciting watching him become more confident on his feet. When I was little I started walking at 9 and a half months and I don’t think he will be far behind that.
TM (9 month old baby) wearing a green hat with blue stars, a blue bib with pale blue stars and a stripy red vest, holding on to two jean-clad legs and peering round one of them with a little smile
TM stands and walks around anything – including his uncle’s legs!
I’m afraid I haven’t got too much else to report – as I say we didn’t do very much which was exactly what we planned! We were so lucky with the weather which really made it and I always appreciate those special days with the family. Have you been on any holidays or trips this summer?
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25 thoughts on “Sun, stings and sleep deprivation

  1. Yay you’re back and posting again! Very very exciting about the teeny tentative first step, not so much about the sting related incidents. Glad you had a lovely time and it was the well-earned break you were after. Now, NEVER GO AWAY AGAIN! Love Moose xxx

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  2. Aw what a lovely family break – we have one planned in October and I just love it for the extra company for Emma. I really suffer with insects too and always getting bitten somehow…they seek me out arrrrgh, those pesky wasps 😦 Thanks for linking up to #dreamteam lovely xx

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  3. Oh it sounds the perfect trip break away – what a great idea so that you can all spend time together but not at the expense of someone having to do all the catering and hosting – fabulous idea! Rubbish about the insect bites you poor loves and uber exciting about the first steps coming – yay!!

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