Babies, biscuits and books: #5

Oops, this should have been posted last Tuesday! But as I’ve said I have been taking a step back from blogging a little recently and so I fell behind with my self-imposed book schedule. We are loving the library now; TM adores pulling all the books off the shelf and banging the little bookcases. On a rainy day we sometimes just go in for him to have a bit of a crawl about and for a change of scenery. These books are all from the library and are relatively age appropriate! He seems to be loving books more and more now; when he’s a bit grumpy we often sit together and look at books which really calms him down. He enjoys exploring the textures in the touch & feel books now. 

I adore Nick Butterworth! I used to love the Percy the Park keeper books as a child and I think his illustrations are gorgeous. This board book My Dad is BRILLIANT (written by Nick Butterworth, published by Walker Books Ltd) is very cute; a celebration of the wonderful things Dads do. It’s a positive book and I like the message that appreciating your parents is a good thing to do. As always, Butterworth’s illustrations are fab. Although I have to confess it seemed like this Dad might be a little smug to me; nobody can be that perfect, surely?!

TM really loves the Touch & Feel books now and this Jungle board book (written by Mandy Stanley, published by Top That! Publishing Ltd) was brilliant as it was so bright and engaging; he likes animals. You’ll have to excuse our messy living room in the background!! He really enjoyed all the different textures on the animals and the way they ‘peeked’ through the page. I found it a little more interesting than a lot of the touch & feel books and it’s great to see him exploring the sensory books more. This was perfectly pitched for TM’s age.

I have to say I was really excited to find this board book! Yes, I am a tragic human being. Off to the park! (illustrated by Stephen Cheetham, published by Child’s Play) is described as an activity book as it is interactive. The pages are all bold and clear which is great for little ones and as you can see there’s lots of textures and things to do. One page has shoe laces that little ones can tie and as TM is demonstrating; who can resist pressing a big red button? It’s a great sensory book and older kids will love following the activities. The text is repetitive too which makes it fun to read. We live near a park and walk through it most days and often go to play there so I’m sure we will revisit this book time and again.

I hadn’t heard of this Julia Donaldson book but it’s a great one for younger kids. It’s a little baby (written by Julia Donaldson & Rebecca Cobb, published by Pan MacMillan) is a lift-the-flap book which is written in rhyme and is easy to sing (you can look up the song on YouTube so you get it right if you’re that way inclined!). The illustrations are very sweet and each page has a flap you open to reveal a baby who is doing a particular action; pointing, waving, clapping etc. Obviously you then try to persuade your baby to do the same action; we really enjoyed this as TM only started clapping recently and is loving to wave as well. TM liked lifting the flaps to reveal the babies, too.

Biscuits consumed while reading: One extra large caramel and chocolate cookie that my brother got me. My days of carefree biscuit eating are over now that TM wants everything I eat.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our book round-up. Had you read any of them? Hopefully we’ll be back in a few weeks but I probably shouldn’t promise anything, eh?

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10 thoughts on “Babies, biscuits and books: #5

    1. I know I keep picking really random books that nobody has heard of! It’s nice discovering new ones though. We have a Percy the park keeper set that my mum bought TM which I often read to him before bed, he’s too young to really appreciate it but I think he likes the animals…thanks for reading lovely! Ellen xx


  1. Ah this is a lovely collection of baby books. I love that the library has a good collection to choose from. I think it’s great to have simple books for little ones that have repetition. 🙂 Thanks for linking up to #KLTR

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