A tribe, a thank you & a reason to blog

This post is a bit of a jumble, really, of lots of thoughts I want to share. It’s kind of threefold – why I want to continue blogging, a thank you, and in praise of virtual friendships.

Sometimes I feel like sharing my blogs and expecting anyone to read them is silly. In a world where there are millions (I guess) of parent bloggers and each week I am discovering new ones, it is definitely a saturated market. I read blogs by people who earn money from their writing, who work with huge brands, win awards and have made blogging their career. I read blogs by people (like myself) who don’t really go in for the constant social media promotion and write what they feel like to a relatively small readership. And I’ve read blogs everywhere in between. What unites them all, though, is they’re amazing. Honestly, each week I am blown away by the incredible things I read; I am often moved to tears or hysterical laughter. In almost all of the blogs I read I recognise something that I can liken to my own experiences as a parent or experiences that family members have been through.

With all that fantastic content available it’s easy to think ‘there is nothing I can add to this conversation, my voice doesn’t need to be heard’. But occasionally someone or something happens which makes you realise that all of us have the potential to connect with somebody, to make someone feel less alone or elicit laughter on a shitty day. Recently, this post was written about my blog and it made me feel like all the writing and effort I put into this little piece of the internet was so worthwhile.

To put that post into context I need to backtrack a little. There are many ways to be a blogger and tons of people to advise you how to make the most of your blog or grow your readership. One piece of advice oft touted is ‘find your tribe’. I was such a newbie that I hadn’t even heard that advice when I read this post by my lovely friend Katie who blogs at Mummy In a Tutu. We didn’t know each other then but we have since become close friends and, off the back of that one post and all that followed, suddenly I had a whole batch of new ‘online’ friends. We have Twitter chats and always try to support each other’s blogs.

Lots of different faces on screens stretching across the whole image and off into the distance so you can't see them anymore

One of the people I chatted to on Twitter that I seemed to click with instantly was Sam. Sam started blogging a few months after me but has quickly become well known on ‘the circuit’ for being hilarious and honest and generally an awesome writer. Ever since I discovered her blog Mouse, Moo & Me Too I have adored the way she writes; honestly she could write a post about her shopping list and have me in stitches. She is so talented. Sam, as part of Mummy In A Tutu’s ‘I’m a blogging success…’ series wrote this post (that I mentioned earlier) and it made me cry; she made me feel so wonderful. Whenever I have doubts about blogging (or, actually, myself in general) I am going to read it. Reading those gorgeous words about ME, from a friend and blogger that I have so much admiration and respect for, well it blew me away a little bit.

And let’s not forget where this post was written: on Katie’s blog. Katie is an incredibly successful and ambitious blogger who is so inspiring. It’s also Katie who opened me up to a whole host of friends. I don’t think I had ever had ‘online’ friends before I started blogging and now I speak to some of them daily. It makes even the most isolating of days where you feel as though everybody you know is having an easier day than you – well, it makes those days more tolerable because there’s always someone there. On the end of a tweet or a facebook message are these lovely people who just get it. Isn’t that something special?

two teddy bears sat on the grass. We can just see them from behind. One is orangey-brown fur and the other is grey-brown fur. The one with grey fur has its arm around the orange one!

Whenever I start to doubt myself I speak to these women and they lift me back up. They tell me not to sweat the small stuff, to remember why I wanted to start a blog in the first place, that immortalising our memories online will be so precious to look back on. They remind me to read the comments from other parents who told me ‘I feel exactly the same!’ or ‘You’ve really made me laugh’ after reading one of my posts. I like to think I reciprocate and help them all out when they are struggling with a lack of confidence or motivation. Blogging, for me, should always be something positive and finding these friends has been the most positive thing of all.

So really what I want to say is thank you – to Katie for starting a tribe of people that make me smile, to Sam for writing such beautiful words about little old me and to everyone who reads this blog. I’ll be sticking around a bit longer!

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57 thoughts on “A tribe, a thank you & a reason to blog

  1. It’s great isn’t it, when you find these lovely people in a sea full of bloggers. I have had so much help and encouragement since I started blogging and instead of competing against each other, everyone has beee massively supportive.

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  2. You’re going nowhere Ed, if you were to ever hang up your blogging robes I’d march right up there via Kings Cross and force feed you stale rich tea biscuits until you begged for me to boot up your computer 😉 No, seriously – thank you for such a deliciously gorgeous follow up piece, the tribe is so lucky to have you xxx

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  3. The reason this is such a beautiful post is because this is exactly how you made me feel when you read my blog and took the time to share it and make such lovely comments. I smirked to myself for about 5 mins like a blinking nut job when I read your tweet. It seems everyone has different goals and motivations for blogging but they are all united in supporting one another along the way. What a fab bunch you all are! Xx

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  4. What a gorgeous post El! You are such a wonderful, kind and supportive person every single day, no matter what you are going through that it is no wonder people will sing your praises. Never ever doubt yourself, you have a heart of gold and that shines clearly through your words. The world needs more Ellens 🙂

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  5. This is such a lovely post. How absolutely lovely you all are! So kind, so supportive and so welcoming. You were one of the first bloggers who reached out to me and said hi via Twitter a couple of weeks ago (and not via an auto DM – hah!) and it was so very kind of you to then include me in the Sunshine Blogger tag (I’m in the process, byw!) Sounds like there’s a lot of love out there for you and rightly so! xx

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    1. Ah thank you so much for your super kind comment! I am not on social media as much as I should be but I do like to chat. Everyone I’ve met through blogging has been so lovely, it’s great! The blogger tags are a nice way to get to know new bloggers, hope you enjoy it 😘😘 xx

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  6. When I started I formed a tribe but as happens alot people move on. I’ve made many friends online in Blogging and through my Facebook Group and surprisingly most of them aren’t from the same niche. The blogosphere is huge and there is room for all of us. That’s so great that you found people you connected with. #bigpinklink

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  7. What a lovely post, and I totally agree that the tribe is such a great reason to keep going! Sometimes I worry about my voice getting lost in a saturated market, but I hope I still have something to say. I think we all do. There’s room in the blogosphere for all of us! #bigpinklink

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  8. Such a lovely post. The best way ever to say thank you to both Sam and Katie. I love the fact that you remind why you started blogging in the first place. so easy to forget and get into the pursuit of popularity…#FamilyFun.


  9. Glad to hear that you’re sticking around! The blogosphere might be a crowded place but there’s still plenty of room for all of us and having a supportive tribe can help keep us going during all those times when we are filled with self-doubt about our own blogs. The most important thing is to enjoy it – there will always be someone who enjoys reading what you write and making new friends along the way is one of the best things about blogging 🙂 #familyfun

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  10. Ahh it’s so lovely to hear this and yes I agree I feel there is a fab community amongst the bloggers. It’s such a supportive arena. You’re right in that there are lots of us but we all have our unique way or writing and displaying things so everyone has a space. A xx #FamilyFun

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  11. I completely relate to your occasional feelings of doubt about blogging, but also your conclusion that all our voices are worth being heard. I’m so happy you found some good blogger friends and feeling that you are a blogging success – because you are! #familyfun

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  12. Ellen, you always catch me off guard with your posts (thats a good thing by the way) What a lovely post. We would have to have some serious words if you were ever going to give up blogging because I love it and there are very few bloggers around that right with such kindness and honesty. x #familyfun

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  13. Well thank god for that. It wouldn’t be the same without you and your blog Ellen. I truly mean that. Katie and Sam are wonderful bloggers and I love their blogs and am too eternally grateful for hay post Katie wrote. Thank you for linking up at #fanilyfun lovey xx

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  14. What a great post! I can see myself in so many things you have described. I have recently created my blog, with the idea of writing down what is on my heart, the way I feel and also to try and capture the fabulous moments I live with my daughters. I thought I would just write for myself, even if nobody else finds my blog. But actually, when I got my first comments and reblogs, it made me so happy! It is super encouraging to know that other mums find the posts interesting and helpful. But you are right, we must not forget the reason why we started blogging in the first place 🙂 #ablogginggoodtime

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  15. Aww lovely – when I read Sam’s post I was nodding along as you are probably one of loveliest people I have met through blogging. We haven’t met yet but I know when we do, it will feel like I’ve known you forever. Or you’ll just duck and avoid me as this comment is sounding kind of weird. It’s so lovely to have met a supportive group of bloggers! X #ablogginggoodtime

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  16. I need to go and read Sam’s post now. The tribe is fab, and I am so pleased and happy that I am part of it. You guys are always there for questions and advice, and are such a barrel of support. I sometimes feel that I know you all personally, even though I haven’t met everyone. Claire x #FamilyFun

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    1. Ah thank you – well please feel free to join us!! We have twitter chats on Tuesday evenings 8-9pm. There’s a Facebook group too. Also you’ll find you make friends ‘organically’ with the people who keep visiting your blog and whose blogs you frequent a lot! Thanks for reading, Ellen


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