A rude awakening

My delightful son doesn’t seem to enjoy sleeping in his cot much these days. Like many lazy parents before us we’ve resorted to bringing him in with us, usually in the mornings so that we don’t have to get up at the crack of dawn. With this comes all the delights of being woken up by a mobile 10 month old. It does make me laugh but it’s not the most gentle and calm of wake up calls. I thought I’d try my hand at rhyming again as it seemed to go down well last time. Here’s my little rhyme about how our mornings usually go.

A rude awakening

There’s a little finger poking my nose
Ah shit, I think, it’s time – here goes
He strokes my hair then suddenly yanks
I cry out, move his hand ‘no thanks!’

See we keep sharing our bed with this boy
So we can sleep pastย 5am, what joy
But the wake up call is often pretty rude
He pulls Daddy’s chest hair ‘That’s not cool, dude!’

Suddenly some hands are patting my cheeks
I shush him, hope it’s only comfort he seeks
But no, now a dribbly open mouth leans in
His ‘kiss’ is adorable but kind of grim?!

I look at that smile, those bright blue eyes
I can’t help it, I crack up, he’s a cheeky guy
Although being poked and prodded isn’t the best
Waking up next to him makes me feel blessed
almost bald 10 month old baby wearing a black and grey stripy top and blue trousers crawling over a messy bed with white and grey bed covers. There's a yellow Winnie the pooh teddy behind him
Our bed invader!

Island Living 365

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Diary of an imperfect mum



51 thoughts on “A rude awakening

  1. Aaaw I love this Ed! As you know, sometimes Moo navigates her way into our bed and sometimes the first I know about it is a slap around the face and a slobbery hello. Which is disgusting, but also kind of nice. As long as it’s past 5am. This too shall pass…one day they’ll sleep through!

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  2. So beautifully said. I take my little one in bed with me mornings so I can get some sleep and it’s all exactly like you described but I wouldn’t change it for the world. When I see her smile in the morning I forget all about being tired

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    1. Oooh it’s always good to hear we aren’t alone ๐Ÿ˜‚ Oh yes kicks are often involved although it’s more difficult for him when he has his sleeping bag on now that it’s cold – ha! Singing sounds like a delightful alarm! Thanks for reading, Ellen


  3. Aww, this is so sweet! I wish the Popple would come into bed with us for an extra few hours of sleep in the morning, but that doesn’t happen – once she’s up, she’s up! I think she actually sleeps better on her own – we co-slept for a few months out of sheer desperation, but she does much better alone in her cot. #FamilyFun

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  4. aaaah thats so lovely Ellen. I never really had mine in our bed but part of me would love to wake up next to them, it must be lovely. I love bringing Zara into our bed if she’s up before Toby (she actually sits there unlike Toby) and look at a book or something. The cuddles are just too good! Thank you for sharing this at #FamilyFun I love your poems, keep them coming xx

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  5. Beautiful Ellen. R is starting to slobbery kiss now I think it’s adorable. I love how warm and cuddly they are first thing! Thanks for linking up to #familyfun

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  6. Brilliant rhyme, I’m feeling both your pain and joy, we currently have a toddler who regularly appears in bed with us around 2am. So we all sleep (and don’t wake the baby) I just let her snuggle in next to us. I can’t say I’m particularly keen on the accidental hair pulling and back kicking but the smile and ‘love you Mummy’ first thing in the morning make it all ok. Thank you for sharing with #bigpinklink x

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    1. Thank you Hannah! I know it’s definitely easier to all just get some sleep isn’t it?! We are in a semi detached house and I definitely worry what the neighbours would say if we just let him cry haha (not that I intend to do that anyway really)! Thanks for having me and for reading, Ellen x

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    1. Oh love I know what you mean, we have had that a bit these past weeks while he is teething as he’s just hysterical when I put him down! Luckily he normally eventually lies down either in our bed or the cot but it can take a while. You poor thing! Thanks for reading and having me love, Ellen xx


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