Babies, biscuits and books: #6

I don’t appear to have a proper schedule for this but I think I’ll probably do a book post once a month. My little man appears to love books more and more as he gets older; I will often find him sitting on the floor looking through a book. It’s the easiest way to calm him down if he’s a bit grumpy – we have a little cuddle and a read and he’s normally back to his cheerful self! This is another load of books from the library, most of them are age appropriate but would work well for slightly older toddlers, too. TM is particularly enjoying books which have flaps that he can lift and reveal things underneath.

I haven’t actually got any books from the Bloomsbury Lift and Look series but after getting this Space book (written by Helen Poole, published by Bloomsbury Publishing) from the library I think we’ll have to get some! It was such a bright and entertaining book. I think space books and toys are always a fun theme to explore with little ones. TM really enjoyed lifting the flaps in this book and I left it with his toys and often found him picking it up and opening out the pages. I wouldn’t say it was exactly scientifically accurate but there were nice touches like kids using telescopes so if you have older children it could be used to spark a conversation and explain a little more around the topic of astronomy.

We have a Sophie la girafe (oh, doesn’t EVERYONE?!) and this Hide and Seek book (published by Dorling Kindersley Ltd) is quite a cute accompaniment if you have a mini Sophie fan. It’s another one where you open flaps to reveal pictures – like I said, we are definitely in a phase of enjoying that process! It’s a nice, chunky board book which was easily robust enough for my little guy.

I thought we’d go topical and get the Halloween ABC (written by Jannie Ho and published by Nosy Crow Ltd) book. I think we were the first to take it out the library which surely deserves some kind of prize?! To be honest, the words were obviously not suitable for TM’s age group but it’s a brilliantly colourful book with engaging illustrations and a great way to introduce the concept of Halloween if you wanted to celebrate it. I’ll just casually drop in here that I have bought a pumpkin outfit for TM…

Ever since we started this series people have asked if we have read any of the Usborne touchy-feely ‘That’s not my…’ books as they are great for young babies and toddlers. We have read quite a few of them now but I am fussy about which ones I take from the library as some are so old that they are totally knackered and filthy looking! When I saw a relatively unscathed one – That’s not my squirrel… (written by Fiona Watt & Rachel Wells, published by Usborne Publishing Ltd) I snapped it up. As always TM loved feeling all the different textures and squirrels are very cute – but I didn’t think there were as many varied textures as usual. They were all mostly furry or fluffy, so it was a little boring in that respect. Having said that, we see loads of squirrels in our local park so it was a good one for showing TM an animal he is already familiar with.

Biscuits consumed while reading these books: Two malted milks which I had to give TM little bites of. It’s oh so sad.

Have you read any of these books or do any take your fancy? If you enjoyed this please check out the rest of the posts in our book series here.

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24 thoughts on “Babies, biscuits and books: #6

  1. Great choices, the Space book looks good my two love anything to do with space or planets so will definitely keep a look out for it at the library. We have a shelf full of ‘That’s Not My’ books they are very popular at our house.

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  2. I’ve not seen “That’s Not My Squirrel” before, you learn something new everyday! Probably wise to be selective about the ones you bring home – check the fluffy pages for dried snot and so forth. He looks very much into the space one, good choices and I like the seasonal theme 😉 Malted milks though? Oh dear oh dear.

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    1. Oh maybe it’s a new one and that’s why it hadn’t been destroyed?! I know the malted milks are a sad state of affairs but I can’t be munching on chocolate biscuits if I’m going to have to share them. Thanks for retaining your super fan status, Moose 😂 Xx

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  3. Nice. My little one loves Sophie la giraffe and Baby’s first book. She is six months old now and sometimes I think she more likes the idea of chewing on the covers and I am just lying to myself that she loves books from such and early age 😋

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  4. It was great to read this post given that I just posted about the books the Popple is obsessed with and how they’re driving me nuts! We have the Sophie Hide and Seek book, but she hasn’t been interested in it recently. It’s all Hands, Hands, Fingers, Thumb ALL THE TIME.

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  5. oh I love the look of the halloween book and the space one. I don’t know why but I love hard back ones for infants and toddlers, they are the best and so simple to read with kids. Thanks for sharing this lovely collection and linking up with #KLTR

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  6. Lovely selection – we don’t have That’s Not My Squirrel, but it feels like we have every other one…the mermaid, the tiger, the monkey, even the Santa gets a shoo in outside of the seasonal window. I’m going to look up the Sophie La Giraffe one, as Sophie gets a lot of airtime too 🙂 Thanks for linking up to #dreamteam xx

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  7. My babies love the ‘that’s not my…’ books. We have ‘that’s not my elf’ to read but I’m wondering if it’s still too early for Christmas books lol!
    The space book looks good fun, think I’ll add that to the list of books to purchase next!

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