#MamaMail: A little bit of happiness in the post

This is in no way a sponsored post, but I have been the lucky recipient of #MamaMail and recently finally got my arse into gear to send some…and it’s such a joyous thing that I wanted to write about it. Especially at the moment, when so much in the world seems sad and full of hatred and fear.  Continue reading


Wonder where he gets that from?!

My lovely baby boy is fast becoming a toddler. He’s 11 months old, walking everywhere and showing a wonderful, cheeky, affectionate personality. I always love to think about how traits get passed down in the family and to see whether kids pick up quirks and habits that their parents or other family members have. I thought it’d be fun to reflect on a few of the traits that TM seems to have got from B and I – so far!  Continue reading