Wonder where he gets that from?!

My lovely baby boy is fast becoming a toddler. He’s 11 months old, walking everywhere and showing a wonderful, cheeky, affectionate personality. I always love to think about how traits get passed down in the family and to see whether kids pick up quirks and habits that their parents or other family members have. I thought it’d be fun to reflect on a few of the traits that TM seems to have got from B and I – so far! 

Our humour

We have both been told we laugh easily and TM does, too. Everyone always remarks on what a happy baby he is and occasionally he will get the giggles for no apparent reason! We have a cardboard box ‘house’ and the screams of laughter you can elicit just from crawling in and out of that are amazing!

My love of books

I’ve written about books so many times on the blog and TM really does seem to love them. Often during the day if he is playing by himself I will find him just looking at a book; it’s so adorable. He loves lift-the-flap books and textured ones, especially.

TM (10 month old almost bald baby wearing red and grey top, blue bib, blue jeans and blue and white socks) crouching on a beige carpetted floor with his hands on the open page of a Space book. The page is a blue background with an astronaut and a bag full of stuff
I find him like this, looking at books, all the time!

Being a big eater

Yeah, we both love food and eating out is one of our favourite pastimes. Actually, just eating full stop. Since starting BLW Tom has impressed me with all the things he will try and how much he seems to enjoy certain foods. He adores pasta (one of my absolute favourite foods!) and fruit in particular. We’ve been to a few Italian restaurants with him and it is so funny to watch as he sucks spaghetti up all in one go.

My chattiness

I am the youngest of 4 and I’m not too proud to admit that I am a bit of an attention seeker. TM seems to have a little protest cry when there’s people about but nobody is paying him any attention! I am a professional chatterbox and will communicate by any medium, whenever I can. The bubba is also quite noisy, he loves to ‘chat’ and babble away – people always mention it when we are on the phone and they hear him in the background. He tends to walk around shouting ‘dadadagaya’, a lot. He recently learnt to do a high pitched scream when things aren’t going his way, which is oh so joyous for us all.

A love of music 

Honestly, this kid lights up when you put music on and he will dance along with the best of ’em! Sadly neither B or I can dance, and we don’t have a single jot of musical talent between us. However we both love music (well, this is one of those things that EVERYONE says because obviously any sane human being likes music) and often have music playing in the background. TM has some little maracas and tambourines and loves it if I sing a song or put music on and we both bop about with our ‘instruments’. He’s not fussy about what it is: rap, house music, rock n roll, indie, Britpop, nursery rhymes, pop music – chuck anything on and he’ll dance. I just really hope he has more rhythm than his parents!

Being affectionate

I am a really affectionate, tactile person and TM adores cuddles and kisses. He started ‘kissing’ recently and it is my favourite thing. He leans in and sometimes goes ‘aaah’ as he gives you an open mouthed kiss. Now that he’s walking he’ll also walk towards your open arms and give you a cuddle. I love it, and I hope it lasts! It’ll be a sad day for this Mummy when my boy doesn’t want cuddles any longer.

Black and white image of me (blonde, 26 year old) looking at my son pulling a 'kiss' face. TM (side of his face visible, an 11 month old baby wearing a patterned bib) looking at me with his mouth open
Going in for a kiss!

Just in case anyone hasn’t realised this is all fairly tongue in cheek. I am well aware it’s probably too early to pin personality labels onto the poor boy and that he may turn out nothing like either of us – and that’s just fine! It really is a pleasure to watch his personality develop and I have never laughed so much in all my life – TM is definitely hilarious.

Diary of an imperfect mum
Pink Pear Bear

21 thoughts on “Wonder where he gets that from?!

  1. You’ll be surprised which pieces of you he carries into his toddlerhood and teen years. As a baby and toddler our son was quiet, observant, and most people said he was so serious. What they didn’t recognize was he was simply highly observant, and then used his observations to create quirky and extremely hilarious moments when we all least expected them. His quirky sense of humor and ability to see what others might scan over are definitely traits he picked up from me very early on! Love reading posts like this – takes me back!!

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    1. Ah I think it’s a shame when people say little ones are too serious – after all the world would be very dull if we were all the same! He sounds brilliant and those unexpected hilarious moments are the best – one of my nieces is very good at those! Thanks for reading, Ellen

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I think they do inherit features off of you, my son is 9 months and he has some characteristics that are just so much like me and my husband! It’s so lovely to see! #bigpinklink

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