#MamaMail: A little bit of happiness in the post

This is in no way a sponsored post, but I have been the lucky recipient of #MamaMail and recently finally got my arse into gear to send some…and it’s such a joyous thing that I wanted to write about it. Especially at the moment, when so much in the world seems sad and full of hatred and fear. 

Mums…you remember those days, don’t you? When you first hold your baby and every emotion possible is whirling through you in a pool of hormones and fierce love. You look down at a body you barely recognise as your own and look around your untidy home and try to remember when you last washed your hair. Some days are relentless. Some days are rose tinted and lovely. A lot of days are lonely. Really, really lonely.

But then another mother, a little more experienced, a bit wiser, clearer headed and away from the newborn fuzz… this mother, a perfect stranger, sends you kindness in the post. That comes in many forms – a picture, some lovely words, chocolate, tea, a notebook, a face mask.. all things I know have been sent as part of this wonderful scheme. Isn’t this just a gorgeous thing? Receiving a little bit of generosity, love and support through the post is unbelievably uplifting.

A friend of mine had told me about the project run by The Paperdashery so I signed up when TM was only a few weeks old. I received some gorgeous, reassuring words, a funny poem about not worrying about cleanliness in the house, some posh tea, some sweeties, a little notebook and a face mask. Isn’t that amazing?! Opening it was wonderful and completely made my day. It reminded me these days wouldn’t be forever and to try to enjoy as much as I can, and (vitally) it reminded me I wasn’t alone, not even a little bit. There’s a whole host of mothers out there ready to hold you up and help you out.

Me, blonde 26 year old wearing a black dress, holding TM - 6 day old baby- in our living room, he's in a big red snowsuit as we were about to go for a walk.
TM was 6 days old here! It’s so strange looking back on that time…

When I came to send my own mamamail I opted for chocolate, a face mask (in the hope that the mama may find time to pamper herself one day!!) and a little book of happiness notebook from Paperchase. (This one in fact). I wrote a letter about how hard it can be but how she’s doing an amazing job – because I didn’t need to meet her to know that she’ll be doing her absolute best for her new baby.

So if this is up your street and you fancy doing a good deed around the festive period, maybe you could send some mama mail to a new mama? And if you’re a new mum yourself, reading this and thinking ‘this sounds lovely!’ Then go ahead and sign up to receive some happy post. You won’t regret it. All the info is here.

Diary of an imperfect mum
The Diary of an 'Ordinary' Mum

30 thoughts on “#MamaMail: A little bit of happiness in the post

  1. What a lovely idea – I have never heard of this before and so wish I had when I had my babies. I will definitely do this as it’s very in keeping with mindfulness – befriending others etc. Thanks for the ‘heads up’ and love the obligatory snowsuit swamping photo of little TM. x #familyfun

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  2. Oh my god how amazing is this idea, I really love it. I wish I knew about it when I had my first (and second for that matter). It would no doubt really help a mama out on those bad days. Thanks for sharing this with us at #familyfun xx

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  3. I absolutely love this, and would’ve been over the moon with this when my two were tiny. I’ve had a look at the website, and I’ll definitely be sending something to a new mum!

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