A note for our virtual memory box: #3

It’s been a while since I have written one of these posts; I don’t think I intended there to be such a large gap! Basically I like to keep a note for our ‘virtual memory box’ of all the adorable, quirky little things TM is doing at any particular age. I imagine these things that feel like such a huge part of our life at the moment can be all too easily forgotten as children change so rapidly. The last one I wrote was way back in July and there are so many things that have changed about our little guy since then; I mean he’s walking now, for a start! These are written directly to TM and I hope when he’s older we will enjoy looking back on them together.

To my beautiful toddler (I don’t think I can call you a baby anymore…) I can’t believe you’re one now, my love. You are turning into such a cheeky, affectionate and gorgeous kid. Here are some of the funniest/cutest things you do these days…

You’re always putting your hands up to be picked up or cuddled. Especially if someone has food!

You are a proper scavenger and if someone is eating you expect them to share.

It’s wonderful watching you play now. You concentrate really hard and seem to have your own little systems for putting things in certain places and moving stuff about.

For some unknown reason you think moving clothes around is great fun. If I leave the sock drawer open you are straight in there pulling stuff out and putting it back in, and you love ‘helping’ with the laundry too. Almost bald, blond 1 year old pulling socks out of the washing machine. He is wearing a green stripy top, jeans and a blue bib with a dinosaur on it.

You’ve started actually putting crayons to paper instead of just trying to eat them! You prefer just to carry them about but it’s a start.

You aren’t a fan of sleeping at the moment. Unless you’re with me or Daddy in our bed. This is really not ideal but I can’t lie… when I get woken by a kiss from you it’s pretty special.

When we have a drink and you have a cup of water or milk you ‘clink’ it with ours until we say cheers – sometimes you try to say ‘cheers’ too! ❤

You have a toy kitchen and you bring a pan over with a spoon for us to ‘try’ things you’ve made! It’s going to be amazing to watch as your imagination develops.

Books are still something you get enjoyment from and I often find you quietly flicking through a book.

As you’ve now had your birthday and Christmas you have so many toys, and you particularly love the ones that you can sit on and rock on. This tractor your aunt and uncle got you is too cute!

Almost bald, blond 1 year old sat on a yellow and black toy JCB tractor. He is wearing jeans and a red elf top with a blue bib. His dad is kneeling next to him in jeans and a red top and a black labrador is in front. There is wrapping paper on the floor
How sweet?!

When we leave the house and put you in the car you get all excited and kick your legs and wave your arms, while laughing – it’s adorable.

I think fruit is your favourite thing to eat, especially bananas. Sometimes you actually cry when you finish a banana!!

You are fascinated by my phone (I’m probably on it too much) and love grabbing it and trying to get things to happen on the screen.

Hearing you laugh always cracks me up, and it’s still my favourite sound.

You really love all the family, of course, but I think my Dad is your absolute favourite person. You completely light up when you see him and ‘Gan-dad’ is one of the few words you consistently say in the right context!

You give sloppy kisses, which are the best thing ever. And you have a sort of cuddle too- you snuggle into my neck saying ‘aaaaah’. I love how affectionate you are and I am cherishing every kiss and cuddle – who knows when you will decide that kisses are yucky?!
If you made it to the end – thanks for reading another soppy post from me! 
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32 thoughts on “A note for our virtual memory box: #3

  1. What a sweet idea. You’ll cherish these updates as your little man grows. My kids went through a “clinking” glasses phase as well. It’s very cute but they got mad when I didn’t understand (or remember) what they were doing pushing their cups through the air to me. We also get a lot of “food” cooked for us. Now we challenge the girls by asking how they cooked it or what ingredients went in it but when they were smaller we just pretended to eat it. I love how excited they get when you play along!

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    1. Ah thank you! Yes I hope so. Haha I know sometimes he’ll stand there with his cup out looking at me expectantly until I remember. Oh that’s a good idea, making it more educational too. I can’t wait to see how this kind of imaginative play develops! Thanks for reading, Ellen


  2. oh how cute! It’s amazing to see our babies transforming into little people isn’t it? I love that he holds out how glass to say cheers with you! So many things start happening at the pace of lightening after about 8 months (my son now) and it’s incredible to see the transformation. Don’t think you’re being soppy. You’re being his lovely mummy. #ablogginggoodtime

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  3. Ah bless him he sounds lovely, what a difference a 6 months make in their little lives eh. That tractor does look lots of fun, both my two would love it. Although of course they would have to have one each.. Toby is the kind of sloppy kisses too, wouldn’t have it any other way though. Thanks or joining us at #familyfun xx

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  4. Oh this is lovely. Those sloppy kisses are the best and hearing my little ones laugh is my favourite sound too. Love that TM likes to clink glasses and lights up when he sees his “Gan-Dad” too 🙂

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  5. Ohh I love update posts. It’s going to be so nice when our littles are grown up and we can look back on these posts we wrote for our children! More soppy posts I say.


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  6. I can’t believe he sometimes cries when he finishes a banana – that’s adorable! My little girl is only 4 months old, but I’m looking forward to all the cute things to come!
    What a lovely idea, it’ll be lovely reading back on these when he’s older. It’s part of the reason I started blogging about my little girl, but I think it’d be lovely to do posts like this about her every few months or so to reflect back on 🙂

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