Pregnancy #2 – 16 week update

You might be thinking you have missed an announcement post somewhere along the way but you haven’t…announcements just aren’t really our style! Neither of us did an announcement of any kind on Facebook when I was pregnant with TM and we haven’t this time either. We tend to just tell people when we talk to them! I’m due early (ish) July so I’m currently 16 weeks pregnant and we are very excited about becoming a family of four…although living in slight trepidation of having two under two! 

This is the first of my pregnancy ‘updates’ which I am aiming to do around every 4 weeks or so. I would have liked to start a little earlier but due to the timing of Christmas my scan wasn’t until early January when I was already 13 and a half weeks. I originally planned to write updates in blog posts but I decided they might be a bit repetitive and boring so I am giving vlogging another crack. Anyone who suffered through my first attempt will be pleased to know that my lovely pal Ross has edited the video for me so you don’t have to sit through so many “ummm’s” and long pauses where I lose my train of thought! Although I have made a note to myself to try and keep my head and hands a little more still next time…

If there is anything in particular you’d like me to talk about in my pregnancy updates, do let me know. Thanks for watching!

Two Tiny Hands
3 Little Buttons

22 thoughts on “Pregnancy #2 – 16 week update

  1. Oh I’m so thrilled for you my lovely and just amaaaazing to watch you on video – you’re a natural and gorgeous to watch!! Congratulations and I hope everything goes smoothly for you too and the tiredness isn’t too draining xxx

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  2. Congratulations! Such an exciting time! Yes, the second trimester was marvelous for me. Like a switch was flipped and all the morning sickness magically went away. I’ll never forget the last time I was ill: my husband had thrown sauerkraut and pork in our crock pot and the smell was beyond nauseating! I almost divorced him after that one – blecch! Hope your second trimester is full of happiness and good health! #DreamTeam

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