The #RockingMotherhood Tag

As parents, I think we are often guilty of focussing on the things we wish we could do better and the things we feel guilty about. When the fabulous Pat from White Camellias came up with the #RockingMotherhood tag, challenging mum bloggers to come up with a list of 10 reasons why they are a brilliant mother, I thought it was a great idea. She kindly nominated me to join in and I have finally got round to doing so! It’s so refreshing to focus on what we are good at and proud of; we’re all doing a great job. Without further ado; here’s 10 reasons why I am rocking motherhood…

  1. No matter what, I always have the time and inclination to give my boy a kiss and cuddle (or a thousand). He’s become an affectionate little soul himself which fills me with joy.
  1. I let him fall asleep on me and sleep in our bed when he wants to. Yes, I could choose to see this as a bad thing but I won’t. We all get rest and he’s happy and safe in the knowledge that we will always be there for him when he needs us, even if that is at 2am and he can only sleep while touching my face.
  1. He doesn’t understand it yet but I tell him I love him and that I’m so lucky to be his mum countless times a day. I hope I always, always do this.
  1. I try to make boring things fun for TM and include him in what I’m doing; when I’m sorting food out we often dance around the kitchen together and when I’m cleaning I have discovered he loves to ‘do the dusting’!!
Almost bald, blond 14 month old wearing a blue hoody with a red hood, and blue and red stripy PJ bottoms. Holding a big multicoloured feather duster which he is 'dusting' the windowsill with. The window is above a radiator.
My little helper!
  1. I try to get us out the house most days and plan activities that I think he’ll enjoy… equally if I know he needs a day at home cuddling me and reading books, then that’s what we do.
  1. We read together at least once a day and I like to do all the voices and even act things out to mix it up occasionally! When he brings books to me I always read them to him, even if it’s the same ‘happy birthday’ book we’ve already read 10 times that day…
  1. I know how lucky we are to have such amazing family around us and make sure TM spends plenty of time with his grandparents and great-grandma.
  1. I sing stupid songs to entertain him, especially while doing things he doesn’t like – like changing his nappy.
  1. Parenting isn’t about book learning but I have read a lot of articles and a few books, so I feel I understand a bit about child development and what he is going through. More importantly though, I know to trust my instincts – he’s my son and I know him better than any parenting expert can.
  1. My boy is happy, healthy, curious and affectionate; I think that shows I’m doing a pretty good job! (Really I should say here that we are doing a good job – as you can see, Daddy is just as important as Mummy in this house!)
Almost bald, blond 14 month old boy (TM) kissing his Dad (also almost bald!) on the lips . Both wearing blue jumpers. TM is wearing a red and white stripey bib. They both have their eyes closed and a slight smile.
My whole world.

It’s been fun reflecting on what I think I’m good at, I feel so lucky to have such a lovely little guy. I’m not nominating anyone as lots of people have already joined in, but if you’ve read this and fancy having a go yourself then consider yourself nominated!


Pink Pear Bear

12 thoughts on “The #RockingMotherhood Tag

    1. Ahh thanks babe! It made a change to be positive haha. I know it is lovely although I have to say I’m getting slightly concerned that he’s not very good at falling asleep anywhere other than on me or B so that could be interesting when there’s a newborn to contend with too 😂 I’m sure I’ll figure something out… some fake arms perhaps?! Thanks for reading love, Ellen xx


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