I wonder what he’s thinking…

It seems that at the moment both B and I are constantly watching our little boy and saying ‘I’d love to know what’s going through his head’. I bet 99.9% of parents have thought and said this multiple times when their children are young enough not to be talking properly. TM doesn’t say many words yet, certainly not accurately anyway! He is, however, always making plenty of noise and ‘chatting away’.

It would be brilliant to know what he’s trying to tell us. When he’s pointing at pictures of cats and dogs in books and saying ‘dat’ is he trying to say cat? Or is he just asking ‘what’s that?’ I always name whatever he is pointing at and repeat it clearly (which got awkward the other day when I tried to think of what type of bird something was… I gave up and settled on bird!) but I wonder if he just thinks most cartoon animals are cats and dogs and that’s what he’s trying to say?

Almost bald, blond, blue eyed 14 month old wearing an orange top, a white bib and grey joggers is sat on a floor at a messy play group. He is holding a yellow and blue paintbrush with red paint on in one hand and a black spatula in the other, hovering over a red bucket with grains of rice and pots in. He is looking away from the camera but smiling.
It’s pretty clear that at this point he’s thinking ‘this is awesome and I am never letting go of this spatula’!

It’s funny because I know he understands a lot now, and he will follow instructions (if he feels like it); when I ask him where his nose is he points to his nose, he will go and get his shoes when we’re going out, he stands next to the fridge waiting if I ask him if he wants milk and will look for his water cup if I ask where it is. These are all encouraging signs that he’s learning lots and is on the right track. But when he stands there looking at me, raising his eyebrows as if to emphasise his points and gabbling away I just wish I could decipher what he’s saying!

We inherited a bit of a mess in our garden and we’ve started to very slowly sort it out but up the back of the garden there’s still lots of errant paving slabs, general rubble and rocks. Obviously this is toddler heaven so TM is straight up there and starts methodically playing with all the dangerous stuff. When he’s moving sticks and stones from a paving slab into a plant pot and back again I would love to know what’s going through his head – has he got a plan? Is there a reason behind it or is he just exploring? When he pulls all the shoes off the shoe rack is he expecting to find treasure underneath them?!

Almost bald, blond 14 month old boy wearing a grey and blue stripe hooded jumper and PJ bottoms with aliens on them is pulling the last few pairs of shoes off a wooden shoe rack. He is surrounding by shoes (mostly black pairs of boots!) and is by a brown front door with a window next to it. There are coats hanging above him.
You have to laugh, right?!

He will stroke and kiss my baby bump now and I wonder what he thinks he’s doing; I imagine he’s just copying me stroking it and his Daddy making a fuss of it, or that he just thinks he’s being affectionate in general. Either way it is very sweet!

I kind of wish I had taught him baby/toddler sign language – although I think that has an emphasis on things like ‘I’m hungry’, ‘I want a drink’ etc and to be honest I can usually work out what he’s requesting when he needs something, and he’s a very effective pointer. It’s more that I want to know what is happening in his little brain and what he is so animatedly trying to tell us. Obviously he’s not going to suddenly start talking in full sentences anytime soon so we will have to be content with guesswork and body language cues for now!

Does anyone else wish they knew what their little one was thinking?!

Two Tiny Hands

23 thoughts on “I wonder what he’s thinking…

  1. I spent months wondering what the Popple was on about! Now that she’s 20 months she’s talking a lot more and putting 2-3 words together at a time, so it’s much easier to understand her. I think she’s much happier now that she can communicate better as well. It’s so much fun to watch her figure things out. Her new favourite thing to say is ‘itchy butt’, which my husband taught her when she saw the cat licking his butt. Sigh.

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  2. I always wonder what’s going through J’s head. We use Makaton and pecs so he can ‘tell’ us in his own way for some things but I’d love to hear the running commentary going on in his own head. The words he can’t get out and thoughts he can’t Makaton to us. Lovely post x

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  3. Oh, Ellen, I always felt like this too and could not wait for them to start speaking as always felt that would be when I would know what their personality would be like too. It’s such a special time you’ve got coming up as he learns to communicate with you – it really is just wonderful. Love the photo of destroying the shoe rack – Georgia was like that all the time!! #FamilyFun

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  4. Ahhh this makes me feel so excited…it’s such a fabulous time when you go from this to slightly more coherent noises and words to the full on imagination we have now! I remember we used to drive past a certain spot and my son would get really excited and make loads of noises from quite a young age…we had no idea why until gradually ‘clock’ started to make sense and it was because we were driving past a big clock, that he still likes today! I love that treasure might be under your shoes, i’d rummage for it too! Very sweet post. X

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    1. Ahh it is a really exciting time! That is so cute that he liked the clock ❤ TM did the cutest thing the other day, he spilt a bit of his milk on the floor and I asked if he wanted to clean it up with some kitchen roll – passed him it and he actually did wipe it up! How adorable?! Thanks for reading my love, Ellen xx


  5. Oh I, like so many, so wish I knew what they were thinking or trying to say. It is so much easier now Zara is talking. Not fully but enough that we can understand and almost have a conversation. Toby on the other hand not a clue 😂 I did take Zara to baby sign it didn’t help a great deal so you didn’t miss much there. Thanks for joining us at #familyfun lovey x

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  6. Yup I do wonder a lot! Baby sign is good for words they can’t say, I often go say ‘giraffe’ he can’t yet but knows the sign for it instead. So if he gets stuck on a word I go and learn the sign for it and teach him that. It really works! Animals are good fun! They are marvellous children!! ‪Thank you for linking up to the #familyfunlinky‬

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      1. They are wonderful! I went to a couple of classes and have some books but I do use the BSL apps to look random words up. It’s only the last few months it’s really working. TM would be ready for it!! I feel a blog coming on! Lol


  7. I absolutely love that stage where they’re starting to really understand things and it’s so much fun realising what their little minds are capable of. I really enjoyed our sign classes but to be honest pointing at things is still a pretty good indicator 🙂 xxx

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