Pregnancy #2 – 22 week update

Oh dear, I’m sorry this update is a tad later than planned but I’m not the most organised person at the moment! We’ve had a few technical issues with the filming too so it wasn’t solely my disorganisation that’s delayed the process… I actually recorded the vlog at the end of week 20 and I’m now in week 22. This pregnancy just seems to be flying by now. I am attempting to get better at this whole vlogging thing so I tried to look at the camera a little more and to keep my head still…I’ll let you decide if I was any more successful than the last time!

Β A few things have changed since I recorded the vlog: I think I jinxed myself by mentioning how big how I am but that I wasn’t struggling physically yet as I’ve been getting a bit of bump ache since then. I am finding that I have to be really careful on how I move about and pick TM up. I am trying not to overdo it – even just doing housework or walking for more than around 15 minutes will make me a bit achey. It’s definitely muscular so not anything to worry about in terms of the baby – I’m still feeling plenty of movement and it’s nothing like cramps or contractions so that’s obviously a good thing! But it is making life a bit trickier. I wonder if maybe my stomach muscles weren’t fully healed back together after I had TM, especially as in the scheme of things it wasn’t all that long ago that I was last pregnant. I am also really big so maybe it’s just the sheer size of me that is the issue?! Ah well, it’s a good excuse to put my feet up when I can though.


I’m hoping this doesn’t jinx me but I’ve actually not had so many headaches since the recording either. I am still up for hearing of any miracle cures though as I’m sure I will have need of them at some point – either during the pregnancy or when I’m breastfeeding the baby! They have also moved the start date of our hypnobirthing course so depending upon when I next do an update we might not have started it.


The loveliest news is probably that B has now felt a proper kick. I think having the anterior placenta has made it more difficult for him to feel any movement (at least at this stage) and he said it was pretty faint! It’s really cute though, when I am cuddling TM the baby almost always starts kicking – I like to think s/he is trying to say hello to their big brother.
Blonde 27 year old woman wearing a black top and a blue denim dungaree dress. 22 weeks pregnant with a very big bump! Smiling at the camera in a hallway, in the background by a back door there is a child's rain suit hanging up with light behind it which makes it look like a strange alien invasion is happening..
The XL bump in week 22! How funny is the rainsuit hanging on the back door? It looks like an alien invasion!
I have also written previously about my first pregnancy and birth if you’d like to know more about them.
3 Little Buttons
Two Tiny Hands

29 thoughts on “Pregnancy #2 – 22 week update

  1. You look beautiful, mama! I’m positive I looked way more in need of a strong drink at this point of my pregnancies. What I loved though was that my migraines miraculously left me while with child πŸ‘ΆπŸ»

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    1. Ahh that’s so kind of you! Haha I think it’s flattering lighting πŸ˜‚ A strong drink does sound lovely…
      that’s great about the migraines – I have heard that! I think it goes either way, some people get worse headaches and others find it cures their migraines! Thanks for watching/reading, Ellen

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  2. Honey, I’ going to com back to this vlog as it won’t play at the moment – problem my end. You look totally radiant though! Still giggling at that green coat from when I saw this picture on instagram! #DreamTeam

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  3. Yay managed to watch it! Ellen you’re so natural and so watchable! Loved it! Wish I had some tips for headaches – other than lying in a dark room with a cold press on your forehead I haven’t any other fabulous tips and I can only imagine how hard that is to do if you’ve got little one to look after too! The hypnobirthing course sounds so good. Wish they were around when I had mine. You’re positively glowing lovely and I look forward to the next one xx

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    1. Yay! Oh what a gorgeous comment- thank you!! I know I am really feeling positive about the hypnobirthing, I think it will be really good for me to feel more prepared and in control. I’m not sure I look so glowy in the flesh but thank you anyway haha! ❀❀❀ xx


    1. Ahh I know it’s so cute – and TM loves stroking and kissing my belly ❀😍 Hope he likes the baby this much once s/he actually arrives! And yeah I might be milking the whole cake thing…Thanks for watching/reading, Ellen xx


  4. Aw lovely Ellen! You really are glowing, and you are such a natural at vlogging! I feel like I’ve “met” you at last haha. Good luck with the headaches honey. I’ve heard good things about Tiger Balm too so definitely worth a shot. Such exciting times and it’s lovely to see how happy you are! Thanks for linking up with #DreamTeam x

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  5. Aww glad to hear your headaches are better. The only thing that helped me during pregnancy was having one of those microwaveable heated pillows round my neck to ease the pain. The alien invasion really made me laugh btw!!! #DreamTeam

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  6. Ellen! Omg I am so behind – 22 weeks behind (Covers face!) you look amazing and so happy to hear the pregnancy is going well. Love the vlog too, its so weird to hear your voice lol #familyfun

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  7. Haha that raincoat is brilliant!! Sorry not the point of the post but I couldn’t help but mention it. Anyway I am glad your headaches have eased up a bit. I think hypnobirthing is a great idea, I have heard some really great things about it so I hope you enjoy. Take it easy lovey, bump ache is no fun. Don’t do too much housework I say! Thanks for joining us at #familyfun x

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    1. So funny isn’t it?! Ahh thanks lovely. I feel like it’ll help even if just psychologically that I will feel more prepared. Bump ache hasn’t been too bad this week so maybe I’m getting better at being careful or it’s just easing a little?! Thanks for reading/watching lovely and having me at #FamilyFun 😘Ellen xx


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