Sibling Kicks

I thought I’d pop a little poetry post up before we go away this week. I am super excited as we are going back to Center Parcs! Obviously I’ll be a bit quieter on social media and won’t be posting anything on the blog so I thought I’d leave you with a poem I have written about the baby always kicking when I hold TM. I mentioned this in my most recent pregnancy update and it just seems so special to me, to have this little one growing inside me who seems to know when I cuddle their big brother; so naturally I’ve written a poem about it!

Black and white picture of a blonde 27 year old pregnant woman with a bump. Her hair is covering her face as she looks down at her 15 month old son with his hand on her belly going in for a kiss.
Back when I was 16 weeks! TM clearly doesn’t understand what the bump is but it’s still sweet.

Sibling kicks

When I hold your brother close now
you nearly always start kicking
he falls asleep in my arms
by my singing and your touch

I like to imagine you feel his weight
Hear his voice and know him
that you try to say ‘I’m here, I can’t wait to join you’
By stretching your tiny limbs towards him

You are so very lucky, little one, to have
This beautiful soul as your big brother
I hope you look out for one another

That one day you’ll be best friends
a bond like no other
that started with some gentle kicks
A cuddle through my skin

For now our three hearts beat
close together, connected.
Me, my babies, my loves;

If you enjoyed my poem I have a few others on the blog which you can check out here.

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10 thoughts on “Sibling Kicks

  1. Ellen I’m sat cuddling Robert to sleep. I think you may understand why I’m all teary right now 😍. Lovely ‪Thank you for linking up to the #familyfunlinky‬

    Liked by 1 person

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