And now there are two: a poem

I’m not *really* blogging at the moment because, you know, I just had a baby. But I wrote this little poem and thought I’d share it here. We are absolutely smitten with our gorgeous new addition and life with 2 under 2 is definitely keeping us on our toes! Despite the exhaustion and non-stop nappy changing, I feel so lucky to be the mother of these two wonderful boys.

Blond 27 year old woman with her two children. They are sat on a sofa covered in a grey throw, surrounded by toys and books. She is wearing a black t shirt, navy and white long stripy skirt and a flowery headband. She is holding a newborn baby wearing a blue sleepsuit on one shoulder and has a blond 20 month old toddler sat on her lap pointing at a book. He is wearing a red vest and a blue bib.
Feeling like one lucky mama, when JB was just a few days old.


Two babies I birthed
Two hearts that once beat inside me

A family of four, a badge
we wear with pride

“Our kids”, we say, delighting
in the plural.

Two beautiful beings
created in love

Two lots of nappies
Two mouths to feed

Two cries in the night
Two little bodies to cuddle

Two times the love
Two times the joy

Two million reasons to feel
like the luckiest souls alive

A 20 month old blond toddler (who doesn't have much hair!) wearing bright coloured pyjamas depicting a countryside scene, sat on a big red Lazy Boy chair. He is looking down at his 2 week old brother who is wearing a matching sleepsuit to the pyjamas. The toddler is smiling at his brother. The baby has his eyes open but is looking away from the camera.
I adore these matching PJ’s my friends got them! 

If you enjoyed the poem you can check out my other poetry posts here. Hopefully I’ll be back before too long but these boys are keeping me pretty busy these days!


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