Peace: a poem

Posting this poem does feel a little like baring a bit of my soul but I’m going to be brave! Now, some days I find being a mother so tough. Sometimes it’s relentless hard work and I feel my patience has worn thin and I am all touched out. BUT I am lucky enough to have moments, every day, of absolute joy. I really do love being a mother and I wrote this poem in the middle of the night when I was in that loved up haze of having a new baby – I think JB was just a few weeks old. I  realised in all my life I had never felt so contented and, simply, happy.

A mum and newborn baby sat on a garden bench on a sunny day. Mum is 27 year old, blonde caucasian with a flowery headband and hair tied in a bun. She is wearing sunglasses and a blue sleeveless top. She is holding her baby, all squashed up and asleep, on her shoulder and kissing the top of his head. He is also caucasian with dark hair and is wearing a blue and white sleepsuit. The photo is taken with them in profile.


I know no peace like holding
my newborn as he slumbers,
milk drunk in my lap
Tiny hands clasped tight round my finger
soft breaths whistling from an open mouth
That indescribable, comforting baby smell
filling my nostrils;
This is when life feels truly blissful

I know no peace like cuddling
my toddler to me as
he sleeps soundly in our bed
Needing us close by to rest easy
I feel that little chest rising,
falling, rising and I am calm
I drift off with his hand touching my arm
Soothing, settling, love.

These are the moments which offset
the chaos and cacophony of two
Tiny children. these are the times when I
am most content, full of the purest love.


As always, Anna Lewis aka Sketchy Muma has perfectly encapsulated this feeling in a beautiful illustration which you can see here. You should absolutely buy her book by the way, it’s lovely!


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