Here at the Babies, biscuits & booze household we love reading. I have always been a complete bookworm and love nothing more than curling up with a good book (and a beer…) It made sense to share the books that TM & I read together with our lovely blog readers. We now have a series called Babies, Biscuits & Books. (See what I did there?) We often visit our local library which is brilliant; they run a few groups for babies and toddlers and have a great section for kids. It’s (fortunately) not one of those libraries which requires silence so the kids can have a bit of a play and explore without you worrying too much about the noise level.

TM seems to be developing a love for books too and as well as always reading one or two books before bedtime we will often sit and read together during the day when we want to wind down a bit or if TM is getting grumpy. I hope he continues to enjoy books as he gets older!

Here are the posts we’ve featured in our book series so far:

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Babies, biscuits and books: #2

Babies, biscuits and books: #3

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Babies, biscuits and books: #5

Babies, biscuits and books: #6

We hope you enjoy our series!