Preparing for birth with hypnobirthing

I suppose I should start this post by apologising for the distinct lack of pregnancy updates. Honestly, there hasn’t been all that much to report other than me getting enormous (!) and that we have done a hypnobirthing course – which I felt deserves it’s very own post.

I didn’t really consider hypnobirthing last time. I knew the courses were fairly expensive and I think I had a bit of a ‘birth will just happen, no point obsessing over it’ kind of attitude – which, in hindsight, didn’t do me any favours. I do think you need to have a certain amount of flexibility and open-mindedness but I also felt that this time round I would like to feel more prepared and in control. Continue reading


Reflections of a mother (one year in…)

I suppose that title is a little misleading as, like many people, I felt like a mother long before I actually gave birth. You feel a huge amount of love while you’re pregnant and I think a shift starts straight away. You stop making decisions based purely on your own wants and needs and you start considering your unborn baby: this unselfishness (is that a word?!) continues and increases once your baby is born. But, for the purposes of this, my son is now a year old and I thought it was a good moment to reflect on the things I have learnt in my first year of being a mother.


The title is pretty self explanatory; this is about breastfeeding and my experiences of it. It’s a very personal (and long, sorry!) post that I’m a bit nervous about sharing. There have been two things stopping me writing this post before now. Firstly, I don’t want to jinx myself and suddenly come down with mastitis or get blocked ducts after writing this as I am hoping to feed TM until he is at least one. Secondly, I suppose I don’t want people to think I’m being smug. Most of the blog posts that I have read about breastfeeding have been about the difficulties people have faced or why they have chosen not to breastfeed. My story is really not like that…

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Things I didn’t know about birth

I adore reading birth stories. I find them fascinating. I love to watch One Born Every Minute now, and Call the Midwife is probably my favourite recent TV series. I felt a little bad that I have been reading all these amazing birth stories but I hadn’t written about my birth experience. Rather than write a long spiel (we all know I can get carried away) I decided to tell you the things I didn’t know about birth which I discovered on the day.

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7 pairs of trousers & not 1 pair fits: the realities of a post-pregnancy body

Everyone knows that once you become a mum online shopping is infinitely easier. No attempting to navigate the ridiculously narrow aisles in clothes shops run by beautifully dressed women. No rushing out of a shop red-faced as your child screams blue murder. No trying to squeeze into a changing room cubicle. No awkward explanations as to why you left the shop when your child was holding a pair of socks you hadn’t paid for. You get the gist: ordering online is the way forward.

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