Is ‘me time’ necessary for parents?

I have been thinking recently about time away from kids – perhaps because soon we will have another small baby and child free time will be extremely rare and a lot more difficult to coordinate! We are lucky enough to have lovely family members who will look after our little munchkin when B and I have somewhere we want to go without him. Especially as he got older and I didn’t need to breastfeed him so frequently (and then weaned him) it’s been easy enough to leave him with grandparents for a few hours while we have a meal with friends or go out for afternoon tea. He has a good relationship with both sets of grandparents and they are all local to us so it’s great to have that option.

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An ode to Center Parcs

We recently had 5 days, just the 3 of us, at Center Parcs. I absolutely loved it and felt so happy and relaxed that I was prompted to write this ridiculous ode one evening:


I wish we could stay at Center Parcs forever. We’d have leisurely strolls through the woodland, push TM on the swings, swim twice a day and share our patio with ducks, rabbits and squirrels. We’d read books while the baby crawls around the (fairly baby friendly) chalet, sipping prosecco and watching the sun set over the trees. We’d take the boy to the play centre to mess around with soft play and ride on toys (not very often, that shit costs extra).

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Sun, stings and sleep deprivation

Last week we had a gorgeous 5 days away with my family. This was our fifth year (I think) of all going away together, usually camping. I’ve said before how amazing my family are and how much we enjoy our time together. It’s such a brilliant opportunity to spend time together without anyone having to invite 18 people over and cooking for them. We went to a lovely campsite not far from home which has beautiful fishing lakes and is near the coast. It’s great as they never overbook and as we went Sunday-Friday, leaving before the bank holiday weekend, it was quite quiet while we were there. We were in a big field at the furthest point of the campsite and we shared it with only two other caravans!  Continue reading

Highs and lows of our family holiday

This was the first time our little family had been away alone; we’d done a mini break with B’s family a little while back but this was unchartered territory – just the three of us staying in a caravan Monday – Friday. We went to a holiday park near the coast which is about 90 minutes from home so it wasn’t too daunting! I realised this could be a very dull post so I thought I’d make it snappier by listing our highs and lows.

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