I’ve always written lots of poetry as it’s been a great way for me to process emotions and significant events in my life. Until a few months back there were very few people who had read any of my poems but after some wonderful feedback from Lucy at Occupation: (m)other (and her readers!) when I shared a poem as part of her Creative Mothers series I decided to take the plunge and let loose more of my ramblings.

Here is a little poem about the Joy a child can bring and how beautiful it is to watch them grow and explore.

This is the post I mentioned about Motherhood and creativity which features  a poem I wrote about pregnancy and birth.

This rhyme The Battle of the Nap was originally on the lovely Dawn at Rhyming with Wine’s Cheers! series. It’s about the woes I have trying to get my son to nap in his cot.

I have also written a rhyme about how entirely non peaceful it is when you’re co sleeping and your child wakes you up: A rude awakening!

This poem is about the unique and lovely experience of my unborn baby kicking while I cuddled TM to sleep: Sibling Kicks.