Peace: a poem

Posting this poem does feel a little like baring a bit of my soul but I’m going to be brave! Now, some days I find being a mother so tough. Sometimes it’s relentless hard work and I feel my patience has worn thin and I am all touched out. BUT I am lucky enough to have moments, every day, of absolute joy. I really do love being a mother and I wrote this poem in the middle of the night when I was in that loved up haze of having a new baby – I think JB was just a few weeks old. I  realised in all my life I had never felt so contented and, simply, happy.

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10 truths about baby number 2

It’s been a while, eh?! I wrote this post about three months ago and never got around to popping it on this here blog. Life is pretty hectic with two little ones and while I occasionally write the odd note on my phone, I haven’t quite found the spare time to publish anything. Since I last wrote my eldest turned 2, we’ve had a gorgeous Chrismas together and all of a sudden it’s a new year and we have a two year old and a 6 month old…madness! This is a list of realisations I’ve come to since having our lovely little JB and becoming a family of four. I’m sure other parents of more than one child will understand some of these. Continue reading

Motherhood and creativity

I appear to be in a bit of a rut currently and I haven’t been writing much – which is quite unusual for me! I wrote a post a few months back for one of my favourite bloggers, Lucy at Occupation: (m)other, as part of her Creative Mothers series. In lieu of writing anything new and in the hope that it reignites my creative flame I thought I’d share the post on here. PLEASE check out the rest of the series as I am in seriously good company and there are some fantastic posts from amazing creative mums! The original post can be found on Lucy’s siteContinue reading


The title is pretty self explanatory; this is about breastfeeding and my experiences of it. It’s a very personal (and long, sorry!) post that I’m a bit nervous about sharing. There have been two things stopping me writing this post before now. Firstly, I don’t want to jinx myself and suddenly come down with mastitis or get blocked ducts after writing this as I am hoping to feed TM until he is at least one. Secondly, I suppose I don’t want people to think I’m being smug. Most of the blog posts that I have read about breastfeeding have been about the difficulties people have faced or why they have chosen not to breastfeed. My story is really not like that…

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A note to my baby boy

I have written this post after enjoying the Occupation: (m)other‘s wonderful 18 million things series which in turn inspired the gorgeous All the Little Things over at Adventures with J. (Please check them both out, they are fab bloggers!) After reading their lovely posts I realised how many adorable things our little boy does now that I’m sure he won’t do for long. He’s at such a sweet age and seems to be changing daily. Continue reading