Sibling Kicks

I thought I’d pop a little poetry post up before we go away this week. I am super excited as we are going back to Center Parcs! Obviously I’ll be a bit quieter on social media and won’t be posting anything on the blog so I thought I’d leave you with a poem I have written about the baby always kicking when I hold TM. I mentioned this in my most recent pregnancy update and it just seems so special to me, to have this little one growing inside me who seems to know when I cuddle their big brother; so naturally I’ve written a poem about it!

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Motherhood and creativity

I appear to be in a bit of a rut currently and I haven’t been writing much – which is quite unusual for me! I wrote a post a few months back for one of my favourite bloggers, Lucy at Occupation: (m)other, as part of her Creative Mothers series. In lieu of writing anything new and in the hope that it reignites my creative flame I thought I’d share the post on here. PLEASE check out the rest of the series as I am in seriously good company and there are some fantastic posts from amazing creative mums! The original post can be found on Lucy’s siteContinue reading

A note for our virtual memory box: #2

A few months back I wrote one of my most popular (and soppy) posts – a note to my baby boy which was, funnily enough, a note to TM about all the wonderful and strange things he does. Babies change so very quickly and I decided that my virtual memory box (sounds more sentimental than a blog, right?) was the perfect place to record all his quirks and habits. Without further ado…

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The title is pretty self explanatory; this is about breastfeeding and my experiences of it. It’s a very personal (and long, sorry!) post that I’m a bit nervous about sharing. There have been two things stopping me writing this post before now. Firstly, I don’t want to jinx myself and suddenly come down with mastitis or get blocked ducts after writing this as I am hoping to feed TM until he is at least one. Secondly, I suppose I don’t want people to think I’m being smug. Most of the blog posts that I have read about breastfeeding have been about the difficulties people have faced or why they have chosen not to breastfeed. My story is really not like that…

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Things I didn’t know about birth

I adore reading birth stories. I find them fascinating. I love to watch One Born Every Minute now, and Call the Midwife is probably my favourite recent TV series. I felt a little bad that I have been reading all these amazing birth stories but I hadn’t written about my birth experience. Rather than write a long spiel (we all know I can get carried away) I decided to tell you the things I didn’t know about birth which I discovered on the day.

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