The #RockingMotherhood Tag

As parents, I think we are often guilty of focussing on the things we wish we could do better and the things we feel guilty about. When the fabulous Pat from White Camellias came up with the #RockingMotherhood tag, challenging mum bloggers to come up with a list of 10 reasons why they are a brilliant mother, I thought it was a great idea. She kindly nominated me to join in and I have finally got round to doing so! It’s so refreshing to focus on what we are good at and proud of; we’re all doing a great job. Without further ado; here’s 10 reasons why I am rocking motherhood… Continue reading


Wonder where he gets that from?!

My lovely baby boy is fast becoming a toddler. He’s 11 months old, walking everywhere and showing a wonderful, cheeky, affectionate personality. I always love to think about how traits get passed down in the family and to see whether kids pick up quirks and habits that their parents or other family members have. I thought it’d be fun to reflect on a few of the traits that TM seems to have got from B and I – so far!  Continue reading

Babies, biscuits and books: #6

I don’t appear to have a proper schedule for this but I think I’ll probably do a book post once a month. My little man appears to love books more and more as he gets older; I will often find him sitting on the floor looking through a book. It’s the easiest way to calm him down if he’s a bit grumpy – we have a little cuddle and a read and he’s normally back to his cheerful self! This is another load of books from the library, most of them are age appropriate but would work well for slightly older toddlers, too. TM is particularly enjoying books which have flaps that he can lift and reveal things underneath.

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An ode to Center Parcs

We recently had 5 days, just the 3 of us, at Center Parcs. I absolutely loved it and felt so happy and relaxed that I was prompted to write this ridiculous ode one evening:


I wish we could stay at Center Parcs forever. We’d have leisurely strolls through the woodland, push TM on the swings, swim twice a day and share our patio with ducks, rabbits and squirrels. We’d read books while the baby crawls around the (fairly baby friendly) chalet, sipping prosecco and watching the sun set over the trees. We’d take the boy to the play centre to mess around with soft play and ride on toys (not very often, that shit costs extra).

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Babies, biscuits and books: #5

Oops, this should have been posted last Tuesday! But as I’ve said I have been taking a step back from blogging a little recently and so I fell behind with my self-imposed book schedule. We are loving the library now; TM adores pulling all the books off the shelf and banging the little bookcases. On a rainy day we sometimes just go in for him to have a bit of a crawl about and for a change of scenery. These books are all from the library and are relatively age appropriate! He seems to be loving books more and more now; when he’s a bit grumpy we often sit together and look at books which really calms him down. He enjoys exploring the textures in the touch & feel books now.  Continue reading

Babies, biscuits and books: #4

Oooh I can’t believe I am onto the fourth instalment in our book series! How time flies. I have been pretty quiet on the blog in recent weeks just because real life has taken over a bit! It seems a crime to sit indoors blogging when it’s sunny so we’ve been out walking and seeing friends a lot. I think the older TM gets the less I’m going to be able to blog as he is seriously unimpressed if I go on the laptop while he’s awake!  Continue reading

Babies, biscuits and books: #3

Welcome to the third instalment in my book series. Last time I said I was thinking about doing one of these every week but I soon realised (with the help of a fellow blogger) that as I usually only write one or two posts a week my blog would very quickly become primarily about books and it could get very dull! So as library books have a three week borrowing time perhaps I should aim for every 3 weeks?! I am really enjoying this series and reading about everyone’s favourite stories – it’s lovely to hear that there are so many book lovers and mini bookworms out there. Continue reading